Taking Parental Leave As A Lash Tech

If you’re self-employed or work in a salon where building up a clientele and loyal following is your profession, it can be difficult to want to take a step back and leave your clients for a longer period of time. Planning time away from work, even for a vacation can become stressful and worrisome in case the clients you cannot lash while you’re away decide to find someone else. 

So, when it comes to parental leave, an unavoidable and yet extremely important and rewarding period of being a new parent comes around, the planning of taking this extended time away can induce stress and fear in Lash Techs. What are some of the things you can do if you’re in this situation, and how can you make this time away from work as stress free as possible?

Lash Tech On Parental Leave

Preparing Your Clients

Before going away for your parental leave, put some things in order to make sure your clients are well looked after. 

  • Create Loyalty: Build up your client base and offer special promotions within your budget that allows you to create a loyal following. Whether that’s a rewards scheme or discounted price after a certain amount of treatments, having the option for your clients to keep coming back not only creates a professional relationship but it will boost your income/savings for when you are not working.
  • Provide Continued Support: As a Lash Tech who knows the business, networking is very important. Therefore, having reputable relationships with fellow Lash Artists is an amazing way to refer your clients to someone you know will take care of them while you’re away. If you work in a salon with multiple Lash Techs, feel free to offload some of your clients to them, but if you are working solo, knowing who to refer your following to will show them you care and consider the quality of work they will receive, so that when you return they are inclined to come back to a very professional Lash Artist. By doing this, you’re also nurturing a good business relationship with the other Lash Techs, meaning that if they were to take a similar leave of absence, they may return the favour.
  • Offer Rewards: To entice client retention for when you return, consider offering a reward of a treatment, infill session or discounted retail bundles for aftercare such as Lash Shampoo. You could even give your clients the option to choose their reward, as that way they’re more likely to be excited to return to you once you’re back in your lashing chair.

Lash Artist Planner

Once You Return to Work

Returning after a long period of time away can be daunting, especially with a baby at home which you have created a bond with and probably feel rather emotional to leave. It can be just as, if not more stressful than before you left for your parental leave. Making phone calls, updating socials and your website (if you have one) on your return, is a job within itself. So what can you do to make this transitional period as easy as possible?

  • Take It Easy: Lash for fewer hours. Yes, it may sound counterintuitive – you’ve spent so much time and energy making sure that you’d retain your clients before you left, so once you return, the pressure of picking up where you left off can feel huge. You don’t have to pre-book those clients months before your parental leave, so once you return, simply take as many clients as you can, and work your way through your list slowly until you feel like your routine is back on track.
  • Making Lashing Easier: Consider using products which not only speed up an eyelash extension treatment, but also make the job easier for you, your back and posture. Using lashes such as Easy Fanning LashesPremade Volume Fans or Premade Lash Spikes can save a huge amount of time compared to making them by hand. This will give you more time to fit in another loyal customer and boost your income or more time to spend at home if you feel tired quicker.
  • Consider That There Might Be Changes: When we take a long time away from anything – especially something that requires as much skill as lash extensions – it’s very normal to feel a little out of practice when we pick it up again. Take some time before you return to work fully to practise making fans if you offer volume or hybrid lashes, and consider that you may need a more gradually drying lash extension glue when you first get back, as your placement time may be a little slower for the first few appointments at least. It may also benefit you to use an Attached to Hand Palette to save you from turning, leaning or crouching for long periods of time to help you maintain your comfort, and ensure that you leave some time in between appointments to sit up straight and stretch your body. 
  • Listen to Your Body: Make sure you are aware of when you need a break, a snack and especially when you need to take your lunch break. Keeping up with your nutrition is important, not only for your energy while you work, but also for when you go home to look after your baby. Keep hydrated throughout the day to keep your body and mind functioning and focused when you need to be. Take regular walks if you feel you need to stretch your legs, even if it’s around your workspace.

Lash Tech Practicing on Mannequin Head

What If Clients Do Not Return

We understand that there is a possibility that some clients may not return for many reasons. This should not be a surprise if it happens – even Lash Artists who don’t go away for long periods of time can see a decline in clients. It is important to keep up with your marketing, social media and promotions. Take a look at our blog post on how to Gain New Clients to get some tips and ideas on attracting and retaining a new following.

Lash Tech Consulting with Client

Finally, don’t be afraid. This is a rewarding, but sometimes stressful period in a professional’s life. Parenthood can be scary, but leaving your job for a long time without the prospects to provide for your family after you return can be even scarier. Don’t be discouraged, and make sure you follow some of our steps, build up your client relationships and keep your professionalism every step of the way, the life of a Lash Tech never gets slower, so you’ll be back to creating beautiful lash extensions in no time.