Creating Kim K Lashes With Ease

Yes, that’s right, Kim K lashes are back and by popular demand – these wispy eyelashes are here to stay for the long haul. Making their trending debut several years back, European Lash Artists adopted the Kim K lash style as an eccentric and dramatic look to please clients who coveted the star’s iconic spiky lash looks, so why is it coming back into style? For one thing, a good look never goes away. While clean and natural aesthetics may be the in thing, our clients have never been afraid to opt for a bold look. This time around, you can create stunning Kim K lashes with ease when you use some of our easy to use premade lashes making this set simpler and faster to create, allowing your clients the experience of these bold lashes without having to spend longer than they want to on the lash bed. Here’s how you can create this iconic trending look.

Mapping Kim K Lashes GIF

Background into Kim K Lashes

So let’s discuss the history of the Kim K lash style a little bit more. Particularly in Europe a very even top line was what was taught, judged, and aimed for as an ideal eyelash set, but US Lash Techs were applying lashes in a wispier way which was somewhat rejected by EU/UK professionals. 

Once she became a mega star, Kim Kardashian's lashes were sought after by inspired clients but even then, there came a shift where clients began asking for wispy lashes instead of that really neat top line that was given to them by default. Due to this, a traditional Kim K look has a very even top line still, but has evenly spaced spikes which are 2 - 4mm longer than the other eyelashes in that section. It was a sort of merging of EU and US ideals for lashes and paved the way for the wispy lashes and textured sets we see today. 

Lash Map of Kim K Lash Extensions

You can apply Kim K lashes in any of the standard shapes and lash styles, so you can really give the look to any client. The only thing to consider is the lengths of the lashes you're using as the longer lengths can touch the brow bone (and we don't mind telling you that is annoying). 

Further inspired by these trendy lashes is the Manga Lash set which saw huge demand in 2023. As an offshoot to Kim K lashes, Manga sets use spikes as a feature to make a statement. Read all about them in our blog post guide.

Mapping the Classic Kim K Lash Set

To create a timeless Kim K lash look with Classic Lashes you have two options. The first is to add our Premade Lash Spikes for time saving ease while also using 0.20 or 0.25 Ellipse Flat Lashes. This will give you a look akin to Wet Look Lashes, but with longer, more obvious spikes than in a general Wet Look. On the other hand, if your client wants something a little more subtle, use Chelsea Classic lash extensions in 0.10 or 0.12 for the majority of the lashes, and use 0.12 or 0.15 lashes for your spikes. This will result in a light and wispy Kim K lash look.

Start by selecting one of the four fundamental lash mapping styles that complements your client's eye shape (read our dedicated blog on Eye Shapes and Lash Styles) and features and draw that onto your Eyepatch. Then, periodically – with even spacing – map out where your spikes will go using a distinct coloured pen opposed to your regular Mapping Pen to enhance visibility. It’s recommended to apply the spikes first, to form a sort of lash skeleton to work with.

To maintain perfect uniformity in the upper lash line, it's crucial to be mindful of how you apply extensions to each layer of natural lashes. Begin by attaching the longest extensions to the lower layer, decrease by 1mm for the middle layer, and another 1mm for the upper layer. This meticulous approach ensures a flawlessly even top line when your client opens their eyes. As for the spikes, add an extra 2mm to the length in the designated section and include spikes on both the bottom and top layers. This technique preserves the spiky appearance should one of the spikes grow out before the client’s infill appointment.

Kim K Lash Set Using Premade Lash Spikes

Mapping the Volume Kim K Lash Set

While a traditional Kim K lash set has the very even top line, your clients may favour something more textured. The second method to achieve a Kim K-inspired look involves disregarding the meticulous layering and pursuing a quintessentially American approach that elevates the rebelliousness of spikes while emphasising texture and wispy lashes—a style many of us (and our clients) adore.

To make application easier, work in layers using Dynarex Tape to tape back the client’s lashes, and isolate as normal. When creating this look, it's still advisable to begin by sketching out your lash map on the Eyepatches and incorporating spikes at consistent intervals, and applying them first for easier subsequent work and texture-building. When applying the remaining lashes, opt for broader, fluffy fans to amplify the impact of the spikes. 

As the top line is more textured using this method, use spikes which are 3 - 4mm longer than the volume fans so that they stand out  compared to the other lashes in that section. In this style, there's no need to adjust the length as you progress to higher layers. This will naturally yield a wispier top line. 

For an exceptionally textured appearance, blend wide and narrow fans around your spikes, and don't shy away from mixing thicknesses either. For instance, a broad 4D fan crafted from 0.05 lashes can be combined with some slender 2D fans composed of 0.10 lashes, all complemented by 3D spikes fashioned from 0.07 lashes, resulting in a stunning final look. To save some time, use our Premade Lash Fans for a quick lashing procedure.

Kim K Lash Style on ModelCreating Kim K lashes has never been easier than it is today. You can now save time and energy on creating handmade volume fans or lash spikes using our Premades range, making your experience that much more exciting and stress free. Be experimental and creative with Kim K lashes, incorporating it into different mapping which will suit your client best. Show off your fluffy extensions by tagging us on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU!