Make Your Clients Comfortable

Lash Artists sometimes experience discomfort while lashing for hours in the same position, therefore they look for ways to make their job easier and more comfortable through ergonomic chairs or workspace setups which don’t require rigorous movement. While we encourage you to take care of your body, think of your comfort and make your job enjoyable, it is also important to think about how your clients feel during hours-long lash extensions treatments. During a full eyelash extensions session a client may be laying down, eyes closed for several hours, so what are some of the ways you can make the treatment more enjoyable for them, and in turn, yourself?

Lash Bed

One of the first things you should consider is a Lash Bed on which your clients will lay down during treatment. Making sure this bed is comfortable, spacious and fits your work area is paramount. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect bed for your treatments and there are many out there. We always advise that you test it out yourself and if you are with a colleague or a friend, always get a second opinion. A sturdy and comfortable bed will make the difference between a great lashing experience or an uncomfortable, long and disappointing treatment.

Lash Beds may not always look the most stylish or chic for your dream workspace, even if they’re the most comfortable one. We suggest you consider investing in a Lash Bed Cover. Our London Lash range comes in classic beige or bold black, fitting for any lash studio designed with meticulous detail. Not only is buying a bed cover the most hygienic option as you can periodically wash it between clients, but it will also protect your bed from scuffs, scratches and damage. 

London Lash EU Bed Cover in Beige

Ergonomic Memory Foam Lash Pillow

This item is a must-have and any Lash Tech will know the level of comfort a lash neck pillow provides. The London Lash Memory Foam Neck Pillow is the perfect investment for your client’s comfort. Also available in beige or black, this pillow provides hours of pampering comfort with the large surface area being a convenience to you and your work setup. The ergonomic design allows your clients to lay their head perfectly for you to get into all the detailed work necessary, while also placing Lash Palettes or your glue Jade Stone conveniently next to your client for easy access.

Designed with your clients in mind, we also provide Faux Leather black or beige Pillow Cases which allow for quick and hygienic cleaning between each treatment. This quick drying material will not only keep your workspace sanitary but it will protect your pillow from any product spills or dirt.

London Lash Pillow for Lash Treatments

Play Music

There may be long periods of silence during a full lash extension treatment where clients may feel inclined to cut any awkward moments with conversation. And while we don’t discourage client and Lash Tech relationships developing for the benefit of their future return to rebook, a client conversing can make them move excessively and interfere with your lash placement. Playing calm and relaxing music can be a great way to create a good atmosphere which not only relaxes your clients but it makes your job seem like it’s going by faster. This can be the difference between a great experience and a poor, long lash treatment. 

Of course, if your client likes to talk and build a friendship with you it’s an amazing time to do so during their lash Pretreatment. You can update each other on events and life while cleaning and prepping their lashes, but once you are ready to begging the lash placement, simply turn on some relaxing music and this will let your client know it’s your time to focus and for them to enjoy the procedure.

  • Pamper Your Clients -  Speaking of Pretreatment, if a client has visited other Lash Artists they may be used to an enhanced experience. This may mean using thorough Pretreatment products which clean and prep their eyelashes. Every Lash Technician has their own routine and you can read more about the importance of one here. So if you’ve never considered a deep and thorough Pretreatment, think of the atmosphere it can create for your client’s comfort by boosting your lash kit. This pampering process can hydrate their eyes with hydrating Eyepatches, clean their lashes by making them feel lavish and of course, ultimately promote long lasting results of their finished lash set. After their treatment for a touch of satisfaction, use a Mini Cooli lash fan to speed up glue curing time and blow away any fumes. 

Work Smart Not Hard 

To speed up the process of a treatment you can always consider using Premade eyelash extensions. Expand your kit by using incredible products such as Easy Fanning Lashes for a wispy outcome, Premade Fans for volume or Premade Lash Spikes for a spiky finish.

Not only will this make lashing shorter for you and your efforts, but it will also give your clients the ultimate and desired effect much quicker. While getting their lashes done can be seen as a relaxing and pampering procedure, the length may feel exhausting and thus using extensions which speed up the process can make a huge difference.

Client Review of Premade Eyelash Extensions

Continue Your Education 

This may seem like it’s not a necessary step, but if you consider yourself a beginner in eyelash extensions, you may be using products such as Lash Glue which are slower drying than your peers. Making sure you’re educating yourself in different styles, techniques and products will make you a quicker Lash Artist and ultimately you will use faster drying glue and speed up your placement of extensions. 

The more you learn and practice will make you work faster. There’s no need to rush before it’s necessary, this can lead to uneven placement, unsafe practices causing lash damage from stickies and worst of all client discomfort. The more you know, the better you’ll become. Read all about why it is important to continue your lash education in our blog post.