Premade Spikes Mayfair 5D 0.06 1000pcs - MIX TRAY

29,95 €


Want to create wispy wet look lashes but not sure where to start? Looking for an easy way to add texture to your lash sets? Want to take your Kim K lash looks to the next level? We’ve got you covered! Introducing the long-awaited Premade Spikes in our best-selling Mayfair fiber.

Created by hand using Mayfair faux mink lashes in 0.06, each premade lash spike consists of 5 lashes which simply haven’t been fanned out!

Creating strip or wet lash looks can be time consuming, so with the rising popularity of those sets, Premade Spikes come in handy!


  • Premade spikes save you time as the spikes are perfectly formed before you even think about application! 
  • They save you product as you no longer need to use Primer to keep the lash tips together.
  • Guarantee lash safety as they are created with natural lash health in mind.
  • They’re bonded with a tiny amount of glue on their base to keep them together, so no danger of them popping open, or messy bases!


  • Use alongside premade fans for a dense and fluffy wispy Kim K lash look
  • Use by themselves to create dramatic texture for a wet look lash set sure to turn heads
  • Mix in with classic lash extensions and flat lashes for a visually stunning hybrid lash set
  • Add some coloured lashes in fans or spikes for a daring and bold lash look!

Product details

  • Available in C, CC and D curl
  • Mix tray 11m-17mm
  • 1000 premade spikes per lash tray
  • 5 lashes per spike
  • 0.06 Mayfair Lashes
  • Speed up the treatment time
  • Perfect for wispy, wet, anime, strip and Kim K lash looks

How to use

  • Following your chosen lash map, simply pick up the spike and place it on the natural lash, the same way you’d place a classic lash.
  • Be sure to isolate properly, and check through for stickies at the end
Queens Award 2020
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