The Brand New Premade Spikes from London Lash: Wispy Lash Looks Have Never Been Easier

The lash world changes on an almost daily basis, and we’re always doing what we can to develop products that make your day to day job easier without sacrificing any of the quality that your clients know you for. Our brand new premade lash spikes help you to achieve the most highly coveted lash looks at the moment, from Wet Look to Angel Lashes, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to mapping with our Premade Lash Spikes. Discover a whole new lashing technique while also saving time and money on products with Premade Spikes. Here’s everything you need to know.

Premade Spikes

These lashes are like no other. You may have heard of our Premade Fans before, but any time we have referenced a lash style which features a spiky finish, it has always required a handmade creation of lash spikes. To do this you would need Primer, a Micro Fiber Brush and your go-to Volume Eyelash Extensions on a strip. You would apply some Primer to the tips of the lashes while on the strip and then pick up 4 - 5 lashes and instead of fanning them out, simply dip them in your lash glue and apply them as a spike. 

With our Premade Lash Spikes, those days can be behind you. If you’re someone who enjoys saving time while you’re lashing, then Premade Lash Spikes are for you. Now you can be sure that your spikes are a guaranteed safe weight for the natural lashes, and you don’t have to use up valuable pre-treatment products in the process.

Our Mayfair Premade Spikes come in C, CC or D lash curls with five lash extensions in one spike. Each box contains 1000 spikes in 0.06 thickness with lengths ranging from 11 - 17mm to help you create the most stunning wispy lash sets.

premade lash spikes from London Lash

Wet Look Lashes

A beautiful wispy and spiky lash look, perfect for any client who loves those ‘wet’ looking lashes. As they are appropriately named, Wet Look lashes resemble a set of volume lashes which are freshly wet from a shower or a swimming pool. This eye-catching lash look typically involves applying closed fans in spikes, or very narrow volume fans. With our Premade Spikes you can save precious time and additional product such as Primer, while still creating the most eye-catching wispy wet look lashes. For the full lowdown on Wet Look Lashes, take a look at this blog post

Wet Look Lash Set Example

Angel Lashes

The younger sibling look of Wet Look Lashes, Angel Lashes are a very ethereal and fluttery lash set. This lash style is on the more natural side featuring a more soft and subtle finish. Using classic lashes with spikes mapped accordingly, the overall look is very fluttery and gives the client an ‘angelic’ set of eyelashes. Similar to Wet Look Lashes, this set would require you to create spikes by hand, but with the Premade Spikes you can save time and make sure your classic lash sections are placed perfectly and spend more time checking for stickies at the end of the treatment. Take a look at our guide on mapping Angel Lashes here.

Angel Lash Set from London Lash

Manga Lashes

The new lash trend on the block. Manga Lashes are taking the lash world by storm with their exceptionally prominent lash spikes and dense wispy lashes. The desired density is based on the client’s personal taste – Manga Lashes are very versatile and unique and can be tailored to suit each individual client’s wants and needs. Inspired by Japanese Manga comic book characters, these lashes are turning fiction into reality. Premade Lash Spikes are perfect for creating those long and attention-grabbing spiky lash looks that Anime Lashes are known for – don’t be afraid to mix in some other types of lashes to create truly unique lash sets. Check out more on Manga Lashes here.

wet look manga lashes using premade spikes

So what are you waiting for? Save yourself the hassle, the time and the energy in creating handmade lash spikes. Why not try our Premade Spikes today and see what innovative lash styles you can create and offer your clients? If you’re a Lash Artist with exceptional imagination – which we’re sure you are – be sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU and show us what’s next in the lash world!