Three Autumnal Lash Maps Using Black Brown Eyelash Extensions

With seasonal changes, comes changes in our surroundings and style. To reflect this, clients may also want to change up their looks and gravitate towards styles that feature autumnal colours and aesthetics. Black Brown eyelash extensions from London Lash are not just for your fair haired clients. In fact, lash extension styles are ever evolving and with the changing seasons it’s perfectly normal for clients to want a change too. This is the perfect time to offer trendy and innovative eyelash extension styles. We have created three different lash styles using our Mayfair Black Brown lashes to suit any fall loving client who wants something new, different and seasonal to reflect their personality this autumn.

☕Toffee Latte Lashes☕

Using the Natural style lash map you can create stunningly autumnal Toffee Latte Lashes. This eyelash extension style has a natural feel with an exceptional pop, not only will your clients have an accentuating look to their lashes but they will also have a very natural appearance. If your client is someone who does not tend to go for the bold, dramatic and dense lash look, then these Toffee Latte Lashes will be perfect for them. Using your Mapping Pen, simply map out a Natural lash map on the Eyepatches and use Mayfair Black Brown lashes to create this subtle yet alluring look. For male and masculine clients who enjoy lash extensions, this will be the perfect autumnal lash style which provides subtlety with a bit of character. You can read more about the topic of lashing masculine and male clients here.

Toffee Latte Lashes in Natural Style Lash Map

🎃Pumpkin Spiced Lashes🎃

These stunning lashes are absolutely perfect for clients who desire a captivating look with a natural finish. The Pumpkin Spiced Lashes follow a Half Lash mapping style, meaning that only the outer corners of the natural lash line will be covered in Black Brown eyelash extensions. Starting from the middle point of the lash line, with your shortest lashes, work up 1mm at a time as you go towards the outer corner of the lashes. For a natural looking finish, once you reach the last two sections of your lash map, work down 2mm from your longest lash, graduating 1mm at a time. This will create the ideal Half Lash Set for any client who wants a bold look with a natural twist for an autumnal stripped down look. Read more about the Half Lash trend here.

Pumpkin Spiced Lashes in Half Lash Set Mapping Style

🍁Cinnamon Maple Lashes🍁

For those of your clients who love drama and the autumnal season, the Cinnamon Maple Lashes inspired by the Squirrel lash map are the perfect pairing. This style will compliment and frame the eyes making it a suitable look for most, if not all of your lash loving customers. Taking inspiration from the earthy tones of cinnamon, the Black Brown Mayfair lash extensions will make the Cinnamon Maple Lashes a standout style this season, but that’s not all. For clients who desire a burst of colour in their lash set, why not add some Mayfair Orange coloured lashes as spikes to the outer corners of the lash line? This will not only open up the eyes, but will also create a lifted appearance for the outer corners of the eyes. Simply take some Primer and apply to the lash strip using a Micro Fibre Brush to create lash spikes and apply to the outer corners this will accentuate and define a beautiful autumnal aesthetic.

Cinnamon Maple Lashes in Squirrel Lash Map Style


  • Use Crystal Bond clear eyelash glue for Black Brown or Coloured lashes for a seamlessly blended look on the lash line when using these lighter toned lashes.
  • Always provide your clients with an Aftercare Leaflet to educate them on correct lash extension aftercare, especially with the seasonal changes in temperature and weather.
  • Boost your retail sales by offering Lash Shampoo to your clients for the perfect foam cleanser to clean their lashes daily. Helping them to keep their lashes healthy and promoting longevity.