Five Lash Extension Horror Stories

Gather around Lash Artists, for tales of dread and disarray. These tales are not of ghouls and ghosts, but of common mistakes during lash extension treatments and we’re here to tell you how to avoid them, spun in the spirit of the Halloween season. Unveil the horrors, and learn the charms to protect your clients' precious lashes from devastation.

The Ghost Lashes

In the quiet town of Lashmere Hollow, a Technician applied a fresh set of extensions. Yet, not a drop of fresh Lash Glue was to be seen on their station. They carried on, unaware that the glue sitting on their enchanted Agate Stone was goopy, they placed each extension on the natural lash, one by one. But alas, as they combed through the finished set with a Mascara Wand, the extensions vanished into thin air, leaving behind the untouched natural lashes. The client left, their eyes barren and their disappointment echoing down the chilly street.

The Saving Charm: Always ensure fresh eyelash glue is applied to assure the longevity and durability of the extensions. Keep your glue fresh in an Airtight Container and why not try Flexie glue for extra elasticity and retention? Check out our Glue Quiz to find your perfect glue charm here.

London Lash Glue Collection in Halloween Theme

The Never-Ending Appointment

In the eerie Lashes From the Beyond salon, a seasoned Lash Artist met their match in a marathon of appointments. The clock ticked speedily as they applied lash after lash to client after client, but their unorganised and cluttered workstation had them reaching into the abyss for their trusty Tweezers and tools. Hours turned into days under the harsh glow of their Glamcor beauty lamp. Their unruly workstation got the better of them, making each appointment a horrific chore.

The Saving Charm: Organise your lash station efficiently with an Acrylic Organiser, keeping all your tools within easy reach, and allocate an appropriate amount of time for each appointment. You can read more about how to keep calm and stay positive as a Lash Tech here.

Glamcor Beauty Lamp in Halloween Theme

The Lash-Melting Serum

A charming client, draped in velvet, brought in a bottle of lash serum, whispering of its miraculous growth properties. The Technician applied it and watched in horror as the natural lashes withered, leaving a barren lash line behind.

The Saving Charm: Advise clients against using unverified lash growth serums, and educate them on the importance of proper aftercare to maintain their natural lash health. A cleansing Lash Shampoo is a client’s best potion for proper and thorough lash extension aftercare.

The Curse of the Cluster:

In the haunted hamlet of Flutterlash, a Lash Tech worked diligently applying Premade Lash Fans to a hopeful client. Alas, the heavy fans weighed down the natural lashes, leading to premature shedding, a sparse lash line and eyelash damage. The Lash Tech had not done their usual consultation and examination of the client’s natural lashes, leading to mistake after mistake, the horror! This lash set sent shivers down the client's spine and they were never to be seen in the salon again.

The Saving Charm: For clients with weak or brittle natural lashes, use Flat Lash Extensions, and carefully select the appropriate weight and length to match the natural lash, ensuring the health and longevity of your client’s natural lashes. Flat Lashes weigh half of a Classic Lash so they’ll be your go to spell when creating a magic lash set for your clients with weaker natural lashes.

London Lash Eyelash Extensions in Halloween Theme

The Lash-Eating Mites:

In the chilling salon of Bewitched Lashes, a client walked in with lash extensions thick with buildup from weeks of improper cleaning and aftercare. As the Lash Artist removed the extensions using their marvellous Gel Remover, they discovered the horrifying sight of lash mites! These creepy critters had made a home in the neglected lashes. This haunting tale goes to show that while rare, improper lash aftercare can lead to an unimaginable nightmare!

The Saving Charm: Educate your clients about the importance of regular and proper lash cleaning to prevent a buildup of dirt and oils, and ward off those dreaded lash mites, keeping their lashes beautiful and healthy. Using Lash Shampoo with a Cleansing Brush daily will promote cleanliness and prevent infections with the help of the infused tea tree extracts. Feel free to give your clients a printed Aftercare Leaflet.

London Lash Gel and Cream Remover in Halloween Theme

Fear not Lash Clan, for now you are armed with the knowledge to thwart these common lash horrors. Keep your lash wand at the ready and your adhesive strong. Happy Lashing and Happy Halloween!