Special Winter Bundles You Can Retail To Your Clients

Black Friday is just around the corner, meaning you can stock up on many products to retail for extra income, and what better way to do that than to market it as a special winter exclusive? With it being a busier period than usual, your clients will most probably ask you for aftercare advice, winter solutions, and aftercare product recommendations for taking care of their lash extensions or their sculpted henna brows, or both. So we’ve come up with the great idea for a small retail package of items you can include in a bundle to retail to your clients, which will not only boost your income, but also your reputation as a professional salon.

Red Black Friday Goodie Bag

Foam Cleanser

Of course, our Lash Shampoo has to make the list and we have discussed the many benefits of using this foaming cleanser numerous times, which you can read about in this shampoo-dedicated article. Our Foam Cleanser / Lash Shampoo doubles in its uses, and many Techs do not actually realise the benefits and potential retail value this product is worth. Not only can you offer the Lash Shampoo as eyelash extension aftercare for clients who are leaving with a new lash set, but it is a perfect foam cleanser for eyebrows too. 

The formula of the London Lash foam cleanser promotes pristine hygiene and hydration, and will help your clients avoid any potential infections due to its infusion of antibacterial tea tree extract, making it the ideal solution for any client looking to prolong their treatment at home for long-lasting results.

Foam Cleanser Lash Shampoo from London Lash EU

Cleansing Brushes

Our fluffy Cleansing Brushes feature compact bristles, which are ideal for deep and thorough cleaning around the lash line or brow hairs when used with Lash Shampoo. While the Cleaning Lash DUO may be something you already retail in your beauty salon, how many of your clients return after a few weeks for a touch-up and ask for a replacement Cleansing Brush as they have misplaced or lost their only one? For this special bundle package, you can offer the foam cleanser and a special two or three-pack of Cleansing Brushes, ensuring your clients have enough to last them for months to come. With our Black Friday offers, it won’t be a difficult choice to stock up on an item that is a necessity for many clients, especially those who take aftercare very seriously.

Brow Soap

For clients who want their perfect brow shape every day with little to no effort, this can be achieved in no time using the specially formulated Brow Soap for So Henna brows. Gone are the days of DIY brow soap sculpting using a bar of soap and a mascara wand; with this perfect little retail item, your clients have everything they need in a small compact, which they can take on the go to touch up their brows whenever they desire. And, of course, the benefits of our So Henna Brow Soap are endless, from effortless styling to its buildable effect; this product comes with its own Mascara Wand and can be easily removed by using water, which does not interfere with the henna stain on the skin or brow hairs.

So Henna Brow Soap And Styling Brush

Mascara Wands

And speaking of Mascara Wands, every client wants to leave your salon with a bundle of spares to fluff up their lashes as these tiny little tools are always on the loose and go missing. Mascara Wands go hand in hand with aftercare, and you may find clients asking for a few to make sure their lashes look as perfect as they did when you applied them. With a quick brush through the lash line each morning, any twisted eyelashes will be returned to the desired style. And, of course, no client wants to brush through their lashes with the same wand used for their brow soap, so a pack of several spare Mascara Wands is a perfect little treat to include in your retail aftercare bundle.

Brow Oil

Another product that will prolong the life of So Henna brows is our stunningly formulated Eyebrow Oil, available in a 10ml retail-size roll on bottle. Not only is this brow oil hydrating but it leaves clients’ brows shiny and promotes healthy growth. Including almond, castor, argon, rosemary, and geranium oils - this product is ideal for sensitive skin but is also halal, vegan-friendly, and entirely cruelty-free. Simply rolled on or brushed through with a spare Mascara Wand, the So Henna Brow Oil will leave your clients’ skin and brow hairs super moisturised.

So Henna Roll On Brow Oil


  • Aftercare Leaflets - Our Eyelash Extension and So Henna Aftercare Leaflets are a perfect addition to any bundle. These leaflets provide clients with vital information on aftercare and hygiene tips to maintain the benefits of any beauty treatment.
  • Discounts - If your clients have always wanted to try a particular treatment or if they’re a loyal customer, adding a special discounted offer in their bundle is the perfect way to show gratuity for their continued business. The amount of discount is at your discretion, but it is the perfect incentive to push sales and retention of customers.
  • Treats - For an added luxury touch, why not place a small selection of chocolates or treats (depending on their dietary requirements) in this special bundle? Not only does it show you care, but the attention to detail creates a long-lasting impression, which will prolong the pampering experience even after they leave your salon.

Black Friday Sale Goodie Bag

Depending on the service you provide, eyelash extensions, henna brows, or both, these bundle ideas can accommodate any aftercare package you want to provide for your clients. Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on these essentials and provide your clients with an exceptional and unforgettable service.