Aftercare: Essential Tips for Brow Technicians

Henna brows have emerged as a coveted beauty trend, offering a semi-permanent solution for fuller and more defined eyebrows. Unlike traditional eyebrow tinting, henna brows provide a natural and long-lasting alternative, making them a popular choice among clients seeking to enhance their brow game. However, the aftercare carried out following a henna brows treatment can make or break the results. As Brow Technicians, understanding the nuances of henna brows aftercare is pivotal to ensuring your clients enjoy the full benefits of this exquisite treatment.

The Importance of Aftercare

Post-treatment care is as crucial as the application process itself. Proper aftercare not only extends the life of the henna tint but also safeguards the skin and hair health. It's the meticulous attention to aftercare that differentiates a satisfactory outcome from an exceptional one.

So henna brows with brow hair strokes for the most natural brow henna

Immediate Aftercare Instructions: The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours post-application are critical. Advise your clients to steer clear of water and steam, which can cause the henna to wash away or fade prematurely. This includes hot showers, saunas, humid swimming pools, and sweaty workouts.

The brows are in a vulnerable state immediately after the henna application, so rubbing or touching is also a no-go. It's imperative to avoid touching or rubbing the area to prevent the colour from smudging or uneven fading.

It’s also important that your client avoids any makeup or cosmetic products on or around the brow area in the first 24 hours, as this can not only affect the pigment but can cause infection or irritation due to the pores being open post-hair removal.

Daily Aftercare Routine: After the First 24 Hours

Once the initial 24 hours are over, your clients need to follow a daily routine to maintain the longevity of their henna brows:

Henna brows results

Cleansing with Care

Instruct your clients on gentle cleansing routines that will not cause excess friction on the brows. Any sort of scrubbing or exfoliation will cause the stain to fade quickly. 

Moisturising Techniques

Keeping the brows nourished is the most important part of the henna brows aftercare routine. Recommend a moisturising brow oil such as our So Henna Brow Oil, to keep the hair and skin healthy and prevent drying. We also sell these in miniature bottles so you can retail them to your clients as part of a brow henna aftercare kit.

So Henna brow oil for henna brows aftercare

Staying In Shape

Our perfectly suited So Henna Brow Soap is formulated to return any brow to its desired shape and style. As clients have different hair structures and densities, their natural brow hairs may be unruly at times. This is where our brow soap works wonders, simply demonstrating to your clients how to use the product and style their brows in their desired shape.

Sun Exposure

UV rays can significantly shorten the lifespan of henna brows. Recommend wearing hats or using a brow-friendly sunscreen to protect the colour from fading. If possible, clients who use sunbeds should also avoid this extra exposure to UV rays for the duration of their henna brows.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Unfortunately, like with any treatment, there can be some issues that may leave clients disappointed. As long as you are able to troubleshoot the problem, you can eliminate the cause and make sure both you and your client can avoid it next time around.

Fading Colour

If clients report premature fading, assess their skincare routine for potential culprits. Provide them with corrective measures, such as switching to gentler products or providing them with our printable So Henna Aftercare leaflet.

Skin Irritation

While rare, skin irritation can occur. If this happens, advise clients to contact their GP for further guidance. As we are not professional medical advisors, we cannot give clients any recommendations on medical aftercare. Therefore, should a reaction arise, even after their initial patch test was clear, they should seek medical advice.

Consultation and Aftercare Documentation

Discussing aftercare and managing expectations during the consultation process is crucial to achieving the best results. This gives them the chance to discuss any concerns or ask any questions they may have. Providing clients with written aftercare instructions can also reinforce verbal advice and serve as a handy reference for them to follow at home. You could retail an aftercare kit with an instruction leaflet, brow brush, Brow Soap, and So Henna Brow Oil!

So Henna henna brows aftercare

The love for henna brows lies in their ability to transform eyebrows into fuller, more defined arches. As a Brow Technician, your role extends beyond the application process; it encompasses educating clients on meticulous aftercare practices. By advising your client with these essential tips, you ensure that their henna brows remain immaculate and enduring, reflecting the high standards of your work and creating a loyal client base. Don’t forget to check out our So Henna range for all of your brow henna needs!