Save Consultation Time & Be Creative

When you are a Lash Artist you’ll undoubtedly meet many potential clients who are seeking lash extensions for the very first time, and you’ll always have some clients who may be in the mood to switch up their lash sets for something more bold, wispy and daring. You may get the usual questions like:  “What are Volume lashes? What are Hybrid lashes?"  Explaining an eyelash set to a client can take a longer time than usual, especially if they don’t know much about lash volume, density, designs or styles. We have come up with a quick DIY lash hack which will save you time during a consultation, and help you to explain and show the difference between different types of lash extensions perfectly.

Infographic On Different Lash Extension Volume and Styles

Our Professional Lash Hack

Now, we know it might seem like this task could eat up a lot of your time, but trust us, it can also be a fun and creative way to unwind, and to get some extra lash fanning practice in. Think of it as a chance to relax and, at the same time, save yourself a lot of time during consultations.

Start by writing out the different lash extensions styles that you offer on a piece of paper – it’s up to you if you want to hand write these, or if you’d prefer to type it – you can even make it match your salon aesthetic if you want to. This can be done for every kind of lash style that you offer, so don’t limit yourself to the styles shown in the video – go wild with your design if you'd like. Get yourself a box of Practice Eyelashes, then get to work on creating a visual guide for each style you offer, and if the mood strikes, why not throw in some popular lash mapping styles too, to help your clients who aren’t sure on the style they want.

This hack is your ticket to showcasing the differences between Classic and Volume lashes, and it doesn't stop there. You can create a whole other display for various Wispy lash designs, Coloured lash designs, and more. No matter what your clients are looking for, you'll have a quick and handy example ready for every consultation.

Want to see this lash hack in action? Check out our comprehensive video below:

 Products You Need

These are the products used in our example video, but feel free to swap out the lashes used for whatever design you’re creating your chart around. You can show sets with Premade Fans vs handmade. Coloured Lashes, Premade Lash Spikes or even the differences between Cat Eye VS Squirrel lash mapping and experiment with curls. Create as many of these tables as you want so you can quickly and easily reference a style or design to your clients with a simple explanation.