So Henna Products You Need to Try This Black Friday

As Brow Technicians, we're always on the lookout for tools and products that can elevate our craft and offer our clients the best results, however, investing in new products can always be a little bit daunting. Black Friday is the perfect time to try new products at a discounted price. So, we’re here to shine a spotlight on some of So Henna's unsung heroes that deserve a place in every henna brows kit, so make a list and prepare for this year’s special sale period. Let's dive into these must-haves and discover why they're essential for every Brow Artist.

Golden Ratio Divider: The Blueprint of Perfect Brows

Every artist needs a compass, and for Brow Technicians, the Golden Ratio Divider is that guiding tool. This instrument is not just a fancy ruler; it's the key to unlocking the perfect brow shape tailored to each individual's facial structure.

The Golden Ratio Divider helps in achieving symmetrical and harmoniously balanced brows by utilising the golden number 1.618 to create perfect proportions. With this brow mapping tool, you can easily mark out the start, arch, and end points of the brows, ensuring that they are in proportion to the rest of the face. 

When using the Golden Ratio Divider, always start by aligning it with the client's nose bridge. This will serve as your central point. From there, adjust the arms of the divider to determine the brow's key points. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use it, the more intuitive your brow mapping will become. Take a look at thisblog post on mapping eyebrows and why face shape matters.



Brow Henna Mixing Tool: Blend with Precision

A well-mixed henna or tint can make all the difference in the final henna brows look. The So Henna Mixing Tool ensures that your henna paste is smooth, lump-free, and at the perfect consistency for application.

This electric Mixer Tool ensures that you get the perfect blend every time, very quickly. No more uneven colour or patchy results, and no more aching wrists from taking so long to mix your brow henna!

Top Tip: When mixing, aim for a honey-like consistency for the henna paste. This ensures easy application and optimal colour payoff. Check out our guide on how to perfectly mix your So Henna brow powder.

So Henna Mixing Tool for henna brows

So Henna Brow Brushes: The Brushes That Work Wonders

The right brush can transform a brow look. So Henna's range of brow brushes is crafted to offer precision, flexibility, and flawless results.

These brushes come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific step in the brow process. Whether it's defining the brow's outline, filling in sparse areas, or creating hair-like strokes, there's a So Henna brush for it. 

  1. The Angled Brush - perfect for a full coverage henna brows application.
  2. The Flat and Straight Brow Brush - the best brush for brow mapping paste and products
  3. The Angled Henna Brush - ideal for thin brows and precise product application

Remember to clean your brushes regularly to maintain their shape and ensure hygiene.

So Henna brow brushes for henna brows treatments

Brow Soap: Set It and Forget It

Brow Soap is the secret weapon for brows that stay put all day. It’s a great product for finishing off your henna brows treatment and sending their clients on their way with perfectly placed brows. It’s also a product that can be retailed to your clients and, in turn, boost your income!

Unlike regular brow gels, brow soap offers a more natural finish without any stiffness or flakiness. It's perfect for clients who want a more natural, feathery look.

When using brow soap, remember less is more! Dampen your brush slightly, rub it on the soap, and brush through the brows in an upward motion. This will give the brows a lifted and voluminous appearance. 



Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to invest in these unsung heroes from So Henna. Whether you're a seasoned Brow Technician or just starting out these tools and products will undoubtedly elevate your brow game. Remember, it's not just about having the right skills; it's also about having the right tools. So, make sure to use this Black Friday as an opportunity to add these essentials to your henna brows kit and offer your clients the brow transformation they deserve.