Is Opening A Business Website Worth The Hassle?

With social media playing a huge role in promoting Lash Techs’ personal businesses online, it is already a huge boost to their local and online presence. Is opening a Lash Extension website a worthy investment for a Lash Artist? Depending on the scale of your business it may be worth considering opening a website for your customers to find your business through Google, see your portfolio of work and book a direct appointment with you, without the hassle of answering phone calls or direct messages through social media. Websites are an investment and can feel pretty overwhelming, but if you follow our tips below you will find out why it may be your next big step, and how you can go about saving money along the way.

Social Media

Recently we discussed how to grow your online presence on Instagram, which you can read more about here. If that is a goal you have achieved or are working towards, the next step to consider could be opening a website dedicated to your Lash business. While many people start by growing their business online through social media, it is worth knowing that not all of your local clients are on those social media platforms. Of course, social media is very important – it is a direct way of accessing your portfolio of work and seeing your beautiful lash extension sets on clients and models, but it can also be a hassle to update, answer direct messages, comments and bookings. This is where a website could be helpful.

London Lash Social Media on Mobile Phone

Pros of Opening a Business Website

Most beauty salons will have a dedicated social media page, but you will find not everyone has a website, meaning that they could be missing out on an entire group of potential clients searching Google or other search engines for your business services. Registering your business on Google and adding a link to your new website will direct traffic to your business almost instantly, and means that clients can leave you lovely reviews, which will help future potential clients find and choose you. 

A great reason for opening a website is to have a dedicated page for your online portfolio of work from images to videos and a direct comparison of a client’s natural lashes to the finished results of their new lash set. Here your work won't get lost in the algorithm of Instagram and you can consistently refer to a style or lash set that a client may be interested in. Furthermore, it is a great way to answer any questions clients may have. An FAQ page is perfect for those questions you’re always being asked in social media comments or direct messages. Link to services, prices or styles depending on the questions being asked. It is quick, easy and saves you time compared to answering questions one by one. And, as noted, it is a perfect way to upload a pricing list for your treatments. From full eyelash extension sets, to removal services and infills. Your clients can find all the information immediately and make a decision based on their desired service. 

A lot of Lash Artists who simply have a social media page may host online bookings for their salon on a third party app or website. This means that they need to pay a fee to register their business on this website so that any potential clients can book through this third party site, acting as a booking agent. With your own website you can skip the middleman and have a section dedicated to your bookings and access it at any point to confirm, change or cancel any appointments. 

Lash Technician Website Business Advice

Finally, a huge retail booster is selling the London Lash Clean Lashes DUO through your website. Featuring a Lash Shampoo and a Cleansing Brush, your clients can pick up an aftercare kit without having to come into your salon. If you offer Eyebrow services, you can also offer the So Henna Brow Soap along with the Foam Cleanser and Brow Oil for perfect brow aftercare. This is an amazing way to boost your retail sales and offer great customer service for your regular clientele.

Cons of Opening a Business Website

At London Lash we always try to give a very fair and unbiased view. We completely understand that beginner Lash Artists have spent a lot of time and investment on their training courses, whether that is in person or Online. A Lash Extension kit is not cheap, and opening your own salon will have further expenses alongside. Therefore, a website may not be your number one priority investment and we would never encourage a Lash Tech to spend beyond their means. Yes, a website can be expensive and if you’re not the most technologically inclined, it can be rather frustrating to open up your own site, so always consider investing your money wisely before making a big decision.

Tips for Smart Investment in a Website

If you’re finally considering investing in a website, but you’re still unsure of the price point or how to deal with difficult online situations such as a site crash or payment system failure, read ahead for some of our top tips. 

While a website domain can be expensive, always shop around during sales or promotional periods. Black Friday sales are an amazing opportunity to grab a domain and a host for a fraction of the price. During Black Friday discounts a website host such as Wix or Shopify can have promotions of up to 50% off for the first year, which leads to our next point. If you’re not particularly savvy when it comes to developing a website, a platform such as Wix or Shopify are an amazing tool which allows you to build an online page through a template. It is very simple and easy without the need of knowing how to code, and for those who are looking for further help, for a small fee you can hire someone to build the website for you based on your vision and ideas. Furthermore, if there are any technical issues, these platforms offer technical support with almost immediate assistance, 24 hours a day.

Lash Technician with Website

So there you have it, some eyelash extension business advice for any aspiring Lash Technician. We hope this advice will help in your next business growth venture, and that you will take on board some of the tips listed above. Investing in your business may seem scary, but long term benefits outweigh the potential risks. With some smart thinking and promotional shopping, you can find amazing deals for your lash business website.