How to Deal With a Client Who Hates Their Final Results

A rare, but possible occurrence: a client has booked in for a lash extension treatment and you’ve done everything right, from the consultation, finding out exactly what they want, to Pretreatment on the eyelashes and applying their dream eyelash extensions. But, even though you followed all of your usual steps which have never failed you, and you took your client’s desires on board, they get up, see their lashes and they hate them. What do you do in this situation? Extensions for lashes take a long time and being a busy Lash Artist, it wouldn’t be a quick and easy fix if you’re booked up for the rest of the day. So in this difficult client relations situation, what are some things you can do? Let’s discuss.


Of course this is the first thing you should do if a client is upset and does not like their final result. Manners cost nothing and an apology would be greatly appreciated from your clients, even if you feel like you followed your steps and the client’s wishes exactly. Take some time to ask the client exactly what they dislike about the final result. It could be insightful information – perhaps the lashes are too long, maybe they don’t like the style and imagined something different, or perhaps they don’t like the density or volume of the lash extensions. Knowing what the issue is could be helpful if your client wants their lashes fixed so that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Consultation with Client for Lash Extensions

Offer A Quick Fix

In some situations, a quick fix may be what will solve the problem immediately. If the client dislikes the density of the lashes as they feel too heavy for them, using the Banana Peel removal method is a very quick and effective way to remove the lashes, and will create a more natural and/or less dense appearance. To do this, simply use your Isolation Tweezers to find the lash extensions you want to remove – ideally choose lashes at regular intervals so that your set still looks even. With the banana peel method, there is no need to apply Gel Remover to the lash glue bonds; simply isolate the lash, grip the natural lash with your tweezers and then peel back the extension to remove it, making sure you’re not taking any other lash extensions with it. This method should hopefully fix any issues with density, you can do this with Classic or Volume lash extensions.

Banana Peel Method of Lash Extension Removal Using Tweezers

Offer A Free Removal 

There may be an issue where the client cannot receive a quick fix, for example if they hate the style or shape of their entire eyelash set then perhaps you can offer a free removal at a later date, or even the same day if you have any free time. Of course this is an inconvenience, but from a business standpoint client relations are important. It’s important to let the client know that if you can do the removal at a later date, you won’t charge them a fee. This will be appreciated and will hopefully fix any issues the client may have with the treatment. While you may have certain business policies in place, these issues are rare and you can make an exception from time to time. For lash removal procedures, you will need the items shown below, make sure you have Gel or Cream Remover, a sturdy pair of Tweezers, Primer and Cleanser. Read all about Lash Removal here if you need a few pointers on how to carry out a safe lash removal.

What You Will Need to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Offer A Treatment Discount

You may come across a client who isn’t happy with any of these approaches. Sometimes pleasing a certain type of client can be very difficult. Don’t get frustrated, your business policies should be outlined to the client during their consultation. If you’ve tried to offer them a free removal but they are adamant on an entirely different lash set for free, simply state that unfortunately, while you appreciate and understand that they are not entirely happy, you have followed your treatment perfectly and performed the agreed upon lash style they desired, and as per your policies, free procedures are not available. Instead, you can still offer a free removal and if the client is happy for a future procedure discount, you can book them in for a session for a new lash set with a discounted price. The amount is entirely up to you. Hopefully this will alleviate any discomfort the client may have and they will be happy to proceed.


Unhappy clients are rare, but it is a possibility that every Lash Artist may come across a few during their career. Make sure you always consult before a treatment, advise your clients on what is achievable and which lash style would suit your client if they want something you know won’t match their eye shape. Outline your business policies in a simple manner so that your client is aware of any discrepancies. And, if the situation comes where you need to fix a client’s lash extensions for any reason, follow the steps above in the hopes that this will solve any issues. After all, a happy client is a returning client, and more often than not if you have given them a great eyelash set after the problem, they are more likely to trust your expertise and client relations for future visits.