Summer Lash Trends

Summer time is often quite daunting, it seems like there is always a ‘new trend’ to try out every year. With so many choices it becomes difficult for many clients to pick something new or daring.With temperatures rising and the opportunity to soak up some much needed vitamin D, summer is a time a lot of us choose to minimise the amount of products we're using on our skin, swapping concealers for some SPF and leaning into a more natural look. But what does that mean for our lashes? Let's look into some emerging summer lash extensions trends which you can offer your clients, making their summer choices easier and elevating their look.

Natural Half Lash Set

A huge up and coming trend is the Half Lash look. This look is an alternative to a full set of Classic Lashes where lash extensions are attached only on every second or third lash from the middle to the outer corner of the natural lash line. It is a perfect set to lift the outer corner and open up the eye, giving clients a refreshed yet subtle and natural look ideal for summer time. The best lashes to use for this set would be Chelsea lashes for the desired natural look, while for those who want something a little more bold, Mayfair lashes would be suitable. For an even more subtle finish, Crystal Bond adhesive with Black/Brown Mayfair Lashes will result in an almost nude look. Read all about the Half Lash set in our featured blog post.

London Lash Half Lash Set by London Lash Affiliate

Photo Credit - @lashattraction

Hybrid Lashes

This is one of those lash trends which will never go out of style. Offering Hybrid Lash Sets is a perfect summer lash tip for any Technician who sees any summer lash shed on their clients. This is common, especially in the hot and humid weather lash glue can experience different conditions. From clients working out in a gym, to swimming in a pool or even going to the beach and using oil based sunscreen, they may come for their infill and seem as though their lash extensions have been through it. The perfect solution is hybrid lashes. The lash fans will cover any gaps for longer keeping the look light and fresh while classic single lashes will add texture and style keeping in tone with a more natural look for the client.

Hybrid Lash SetWet Look

If texture is what the client is looking for then Wet Look Lashes are the style for them. Reminiscent to the way lashes look after swimming, Wet Look lashes is a technique where Volume Lashes are used, but they are not fanned out. The aim is for closed fans or ‘spikes’. Taking some Primer on a Micro Brush and applying it along the tips (avoiding the base) of a lash strip will keep the tips together making them into spikes. Using finer volume lashes to create the spikes will reduce the weight – this look opens up the eye after all, we do not want ‘heavy’ lashes to weigh the eyes down. The Wet Look will create bold texture and accentuate the eyes framing them and opening them up.

Wet Look Lash SetBrown Lashes

There are some clients who still love bold volume with density in their lashes but this summer is all about a natural effect, so an alternative to bold black volume lashes is to introduce some colour. Brown Coloured Lashes are the hot summer lash tip to create a natural looking set while also maintaining density and volume. For some, topping up their Summer tan is a favourite pastime which means that while they tan, Brown Lashes would look ever more natural with their summer complexion. Brown Lashes are perfect for light haired clients too, who do not suit bold Black Lashes, again, using Crystal Bond lash glue will achieve a clear lash line for an more subtle finish. Overall, the Brown Lash trend is a fairly versatile technique which will suit most clients this summer. This style is bound to make heads turn for all the right reasons.

London Lash Brown Lashes using Black Brown Mayfair Lash ExtensionsA Pop Of Colour

For those clients who are not afraid to experiment with lash trends this summer, Coloured Lashes are the style for them. Mixed in with any desired and established style on offer, coloured lashes add a pop to any look. Ideal for clients going to Summer Festivals or on a party vacation celebrating in the sunshine, the bright addition of coloured lash spikes will grab the attention of everyone around. Bold colours in the outer corner of the lash line will accentuate the eyes lifting them further. This trend is just as happy and cheerful to look at, as your clients will be enjoying the sunshine this summer.

London Lash Coloured Lashes Trend Outer Corner Lash Extensions


  • Check out our blog post on Taking Care of Lash Extensions in the Summer for tips on looking after lashes during summertime. 
  • Mapping Coloured Lashes may seem difficult at first especially getting a cohesive blend between the Black and Coloured lashes on both eyes. Our exclusive London Lash Coloured Lashes Map will guide you for the perfect placement making sure both eyes are evenly matched.
London Lash Coloured Lashes Map for Lash Extensions