Let's Talk Colour

Coloured Lashes Suit Any Client

Coloured lash extensions are perfect for anyone. Matching colour lashes to the client’s eye colour, their natural lashes (if they’re not black) or simply adding a pop of bold colour will enhance their new lash look immediately, there are no rules when it comes to adding a bit of colour. Colourful lashes have been an up and coming trend for a long time but many clients are afraid to commit to a particular lash colour, especially if they’re new to the concept. One way of approaching a client who is interested is to explain the benefits of having this treatment. After all, this is all about accentuating the client’s eyes and what better way of doing so by providing a fun addition to their look with some colour.

London Lash Blue and Purple Lash Extensions

Using Coloured Lash Extensions

If your client is looking for something seasonal, coloured lashes are perfect for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, you can match their lash extensions to any time of the year. Clients often want a pop of colour for vacations or festival seasons, so this is also a time for you to have fun and be creative. There is no one rule on how to use colour in your lash sets, but consult with your client on their desired look and style.

Any coloured lashes look suitable for any lash style. Adding colour can accentuate a lash set whether it is Wispy Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, Volume Lashes or a Wet Look. Our Colour Lash Collection is expansive! We have 20 different shades available, and each colour comes with a compatible shade which adds depth and cohesion. Using Crystal Bond adhesive will mask any coloured extension as the lash glue dries clear and will not add an extra layer of black.

One of our favourite ways to Map Coloured Lashes can be seen below – a subtle addition of colour to the outer corner of the lashes can highlight the overall style instantly. Of course you can add coloured lashes throughout the entire lash line, depending on the desired look – there is no one correct way to map. Being subtle or bold can create versatile looks which we will talk about next.

London Lash Map for Mapping with Coloured Lash Extensions

Colour Styling

So let’s talk about the versatility of using colour. Depending on the client’s desired look, perhaps for a festival or a vacation, a particular colour can go well with any matching makeup. If a client is trying to colour coordinate or match their eyeshadow to their clothing, why not add their eyelashes to the list too? Having a pop of matching or contrasting colour in their lashes will not only emphasise their eyes but will add to their overall style. It’s a super bold statement. 

On the other hand, a client may simply want to coordinate their lash colour with their eye colour or their natural hair colour. Not every client has the same dark natural lashes. Using brighter coloured lashes than their natural lashes, you can accentuate their tones in their hair. For example, copper coloured lashes will suit a client with auburn natural hair, or bright brown eyes. Matching to the client’s natural features is a brilliant way to use the versatility of coloured lash extensions.

With the freedom of using colour with any lash style the customisation for clients feels like a luxurious experience. It is a one of a kind look specifically designed by you, for them. In that case, you can be as creative as you like. As previously mentioned, coloured lashes can be used in a variety of styles, and the volume used is entirely up to you and the client. Colour can be used throughout the lash line or to accentuate the outer corners. You can use a singular bold colour or mix and match colours to customise even further. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Match Your Client

If your clients are in the mood to match their new lash extensions to their eyes, then we have the perfect guide to which colours (in any style or density) you can use for their eye colour.

Purple hues of lash extensions will bring out the client’s natural Hazel Eyes. This shade is perfect for adding depth and dimension to the hazel in your client’s eyes.

London Lash Purple Lash Extensions

For Green Eyes a perfectly contrasting colour is Pink. The pink in the lash extensions will highlight the green and brighten it even further, especially if the client’s eyes are on the darker shade of green eyes, but of course, it will have the same effect on bright green too.

London Lash Pink Lash Extensions

Orange is an incredible accompaniment for Blue Eyes. Especially if the client has naturally lighter hair tones, orange gives a brilliant brightening effect. This will create intensity and perfectly matches lighter hair tones for a natural look.

London Lash Orange Lash Extensions

For the most common eye colour, Brown Eyes we suggest using Blue or Green lash extensions. This will add radiance and bring out any green undertones in the client’s brown eyes. Blue tones are superb for darker skin complexions as the blue is a contrasting cool tone against the warm tones in the client’s skin.

London Lash Blue Lash Extensions

Multi Coloured lashes, such as Mermaid Lashes are suitable for clients wishing to be out of the box and bold with their look. Multi coloured lash extensions can be used throughout the lash line for the ultimate burst of colour or on the outer corners for a pop of highlight.

London Lash Multicoloured Lash Extensions