Summer Time Heat and Your Lash Extensions

With the summer heat fast approaching, your clients will be wondering what the best advice may be for taking care of their lash extensions in summer conditions. Clients often have beauty procedures before going on vacation as they want to look their best for pictures or videos. Unfortunately some do not know about aftercare, which ruins their lash extensions on the first few days of vacation and then they wonder if the application was the issue. We have compiled some advice that you can give your clients so they can be aware of what to avoid and maintain their lashes throughout the summer time.

Heat and Humidity

Of course, this advice doesn’t just apply to vacations. Any client who lives in a hot and humid environment will experience similar conditions. These are two factors that fresh lash glue on newly done lash extensions is not a huge fan of. Excessive humidity can cause the eyelash adhesive to weaken, or the glue may become brittle and clumpy on the lash line. Humidity can also make the client sweat. Sweat carries natural oils which can travel to the lashes and affect the glue. 

A solution to this would be to use Superbonder, a sealant which will cure the glue instantly after the treatment is completed whilst maintaining flexible glue bonds which aren’t likely to break or snap off of the lashes.. All your client has to do is keep their lashes clean daily. Using Lash Shampoo, the client should wash their lash extensions with the foam cleanser and a Lash Cleansing Brush to remove any sweat and product buildup, keeping the lashes as good as new. 

Humidity goes hand in hand with heat. In hot temperatures it is important to avoid your lashes becoming overly exposed. Walking around in the sunshine isn’t enough to affect the glue, but using saunas in heat of65º - 90º or sitting close to a summer campfire should be avoided.

London Lash Superbonder Sealant


There is an abundance of questions out there like“Can I swim with lash extensions?”, “Does salt water affect lash extensions?”or“Can I wear swimming goggles over my extensions?”We have plenty of answers for your clients. If Superbonder is not used, it is always advised that clients wait 24 hours before any water comes into contact with their eyes to allow the lash glue to cure and avoid shock polymerisation. Whether swimming in the ocean or in a pool, lash extensions can be affected. The salt water from the ocean or the chlorine in a pool can build up on the lashes. This can cause clients to rub their eyes excessively, weakening the extensions. Furthermore, the friction from swimming underwater can cause retention issues as the water moves through the lashes. And yes, you can wear swimming goggles over lash extensions, this allows clients to continue their summer activities with minimal harm to their lashes. If chlorine or salt water does come in contact with the lash extensions then it is again advised for clients to use Lash Shampoo (as they should anyway) to get rid of any residue from the ocean or pool off their lashes.

A ‘summer body’ is important to some gym going clients. This means that sweat is often unavoidable. While the client should follow the recommended advice of keeping their lashes clean with Lash Shampoo, they can also try to avoid sweat as much as possible. Clients can use a small towel or a sweatband when working out to keep any sweat away from their eyes. This is simple and effective, but it must be noted that if the clients practice yoga, they should avoid Hot Yoga, which will inevitably affect their lash glue.

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Cosmetic and Beauty Products

Okay, here are some strict rules. Oil based products are a big‘No’ when it comes to lash extensions in summer heat. While oil based products affect lash retention, it is most effective during the summer heat for the simple fact that the combination of humidity, heat, sweat and products can become a recipe for disaster. 

Clients who enjoy spray or fake tanning should avoid contact with the eyes. This can be achieved by wearing goggles over their eyes to avoid any oil based chemicals from the tanning solution to come into contact with the extensions. 

It is advisable that makeup and facial products like moisturisers and creams should be applied around the eyes with care as oil based products should not come into contact with the lash extensions. Furthermore, makeup residue can build up around the glue and lash extensions and create retention issues over a long period of time, so the client should make sure to remove all makeup from the eyes daily.

Last, but certainly not least, sunscreen. A very important part of everyone’s routine in the summer is wearing SPF. Unfortunately a lot of sunscreens are oil based so it must be carefully applied around the eyes allowing it to fully soak into the skin, similar to other skincare products. If the sunscreen is water based, it should not be sprayed directly onto the face. Spraying it into the palm of the hand the client can dab it carefully around their face to avoid their eyes. Alternatively, there are oil free sunscreens available which would be perfectly suitable for clients with lash extensions.

 -  So, those are some of our tips on taking care of lash extensions this Summer. You can advise your clients to visit you for regular infills so you can assess the condition of their lashes and make sure they’re following your tips so that your work can last longer this summer and leave your clients happy and satisfied.

☀️ HOT TIP ☀️

  • At the end of the treatment, give your client's lashes a quick Summery fan breeze with a Mini Cooli before applying Superbonder to finish.

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