A Deep Dive Into the Super Prep DUO Bundle

Unfortunately, every Lash Tech knows the struggle of running out of their favourite Pretreatment product at the most inconvenient time. And what’s worse than that? Running out of two products at the same time! Why might this happen? Well, this could be because you’re using a combination of different Pretreatment products when trying to achieve the perfect clean base for your lash extensions application. To combat this, we have created a handy bundle with two of our best Pretreatment products to make your eyelash re-supply easier and save you money in the long run. Our Super Prep DUO bundle of Cleanser and Primer is the perfect pair when it comes to prepping eyelash extensions, and here’s why:


Cleanser is used by Lash Artists to strip away all of the oils, proteins and traces of makeup from a client’s eyelashes to ensure excellent retention. Clean natural lashes are necessary to ensure your Lash Glue can form strong bonds without any interference from oils or makeup which will compromise those bonds. After all, you don’t want your client to leave your lash salon only for their new extensions to slide right off their natural lashes because there is still oils and residue on the natural lashes which have compromised the eyelash glue’s bonds. Using Cleanser will help you to make sure that these obstructing factors have been removed to create a perfectly clean surface to work with and apply lash extensions to.

Lash Artist Holding Eyelash Cleanser

When using Cleanser, you can either choose to directly apply a drop onto a Micro Fibre Brush, or, place a drop of Cleanser onto a Glue Stone and dip the brush into it. It’s also important to make sure you remove any excess product onto a cotton pad before application. Then, using a second Micro Fiber Brush or Cleansing Applicator, gently sandwich the natural lashes between the two brushes and softly sweep from the base to the tips, with careful focus on the roots of the lashes.

Lash Tech Cleaning Lashes Using Micro Fibre Brushes


Once you have finished cleansing your client’s lashes, not only have you removed all the oils and dirt, but you will have also removed any moisture from the eyelashes too. For the best lash extension retention, your client’s lashes should be hydrated and not brittle, you don’t want any potential issues such as breakage. Well, this is where Primer works its magic. 

Lash Artist Holding Eyelash Primer

To use Primer, simply follow the same steps as you did when using Cleanser, but of course, swapping out the product. Make sure you thoroughly brush the Primer through the natural lashes for consistent and even results. Lash Primer rehydrates and adds moisture back into the natural eyelashes, providing the optimal surface for the lash glue to bond with. Furthermore, Primer also helps to speed up your glue’s drying time. For context, because the natural lashes are dehydrated, Cleanser will slow down the drying time of your lash glue and cause it to form brittle bonds. Whereas Primer will speed up your glue’s drying time because it rehydrates the lashes after Cleanser, and restores it back to what it’s supposed to be for the lash glue to form strong bonds. You can also use more Primer on the lashes during treatment if the humidity level in your salon is super low and you need the added moisture.

Lash Artist Applying Primer to Lashes

Why Purchase In A Bundle?

Every Lash Artist should have a Pretreatment routine, so if you want to find out more about why it’s so important for amazing lash extension retention, you can check out our blog post “The Bare Minimum vs Ultimate Pretreatment” for more details. Ultimately, you want to ensure that you’ve cleansed the natural lashes and primed them for the perfect bond between extension and glue. No matter the routine, all lashes should be clean, and this step should not be skipped!

Purchasing a bundle of products, specifically our Super Prep DUO bundle, will mean that you’ll have the exact same amount of product when you use them together. In the long run, this will save you money with shipping costs from no longer having to restock on Primer one week and Cleanser the next. You’ll have both at the same time, every time! Our bundle will save you 25% of the retail price you would pay if you purchased the items individually. And for further peace of mind, this bundle also has a shelf life of 18 months unopened and 8 months after opening (for both products). Therefore you can rest easy knowing if you decide to stock up on several bundles, you’ll have enough time to get through your inventory. 

Super Prep DUO Bundle of Primer and Cleanser

Whether you’re new to the lash industry or a seasoned professional, having a great Pretreatment routine for your eyelash extensions is a must. Ensuring your client’s eyelashes are clean will not only promote excellent retention, but it will also help with maintaining good hygiene and safe practices, so your clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands when it comes to their lashes.