Expand Your Skills - Introduce So Henna Brows or Eyelash Extensions

Working in a beauty salon can be a constantly evolving world, but there may be times where you find yourself in a consistent cycle of the same lash sets or eyebrows. If you’re a Lash Artist or a Brow Technician, the excitement of finding a new beauty treatment you can perform may just be what you need to bring fire back into your work. Expanding your knowledge, skills and ultimately client base is the perfect way to boost your reputation and business. Let’s discuss some of the positives of why it’s a great idea to consider offering a new treatment.

Eyelash Extensions

If you’re a Brow Technician and you’re considering adding a new treatment to your list, eyelash extensions may be the creative boost you need to break up your day to day regime. Taking a Classic Lashes course with a Lash Master Trainer from London Lash has never been easier, find the suitable trainer in your region and open the door to new opportunities. 

Not only will introducing lash extension treatments boost your income, but it will also grow your reputation as a beautician in the long run, giving you a bigger client base, following and experience for future opportunities. Just like the eyebrow world, lash extensions are an ever growing industry with constantly evolving treatments, styles and products so you will never stop growing as a beautician and artist. If that's not enough, for any creative artist, eyelash extensions offer a vast opportunity of competitions for a creative outlet. Not only is this an amazing opportunity to show off you work, get recognised for your creativity, but it also gives you the chance to network with a wide range of industry professionals worldwide who are just as passionate as you are.

Eyelash Extension Technicians Treating Clients to Lashes

Henna Brows

If, on the other hand, you are a Lash Technician looking to expand into the brow world, then taking a henna brows course can be the perfect next step. Henna brows are an extremely versatile treatment, and the So Henna formula allows you to create bespoke brows for every client. The versatility of this natural and cruelty-free treatment means it appeals to a wider range of clients who are health and eco conscious. Though remember, once you've qualified as a Brow Artist to patch test your clients as So Henna powder contains small amounts of natural PPD which some clients may have allergies to. 

Lash extensions and henna brows can be a great package to offer all in one place, as it means you become your clients’ one-stop beautician. It is convenient for them, and boosts your income at the same time. It’s a win-win! 

Brow Technician Consulting Client for Henna Brows

What You Will Need For Lash Extensions

We understand that an eyelash extensions course is not always cheap for beginners, but it’s an investment, which in the long run will give your income a return and a boost. As we prioritise education, London Lash is always proud to support beginners on their journey to success. This is why we have created comprehensive Lash Extensions Kits for Lash Techs of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Our lash kits are curated as such so that they save you money from purchasing all of the items necessary individually. 

While you can absolutely create your own eyelash extensions kit (check out our dedicated blog post on this topic) we always advise Lash Techs to make sure they know what they’re buying, the correct amounts of products, tools and lashes so that they can feel confident in knowing their investment is worth it. There’s nothing worse than stocking up on products you may not need to use as a beginner and they expire before you can put them to good use. With our lash kits, you can rest assured that the curated products give you just as much as you need to practise and develop your skills.

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What You Will Need For Henna Brows

To embark on a career as a Henna Brows Technician, it's essential to equip yourself with the right tools and materials too. A So Henna Starter Kit is a great foundation and something we always recommend for beginners to take the stress out of knowing what you need to hone in your skills.

So Henna Brow Kit for Eyebrow Technicians

Such a kit should ideally include a variety of henna powders to cater to different brow shades, from light blondes to deep blacks. Precision tools like an angled brush and a Mixing Tool are crucial for accurate application and mixing of your henna powders. While measuring and mapping tools, such as our Brow Callipers and Mapping Paste ensure that the brows are perfectly symmetrical and suit the client's face, but are completely removable so you can start over in case of a mistake. Aftercare products like nourishing Brow Oil or soap help maintain the longevity and quality of the henna brows and can be given to clients as a product to take home with them.  And of course, don't forget a quality Brow Shampoo, a foam cleanser necessary for preparing the skin before application to achieve the best results.

London Lash and So Henna Models

So there you have it, a short deep dive in why expanding your treatment list to a new beauty procedure is worth the education and investment. Develop your craft and become a fully rounded beautician in no time when you are trained by professionals and use products developed specifically for beginners to educate and develop your newfound skills. We take pride in our educational ethos and we’re always here to help with any questions you may have, feel free to contact us on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU / @SoHenna_Official or click the Chat bubble below for further guidance.