Which Lash Styles Made The 2023 List?

This year has seen a lot of trendy lash extension styles take the industry by storm. In fact, it’s been a very exciting year for a wide variety of eyelash extension styles from coloured lashes to wispy volume and even stripped back natural classics. We have decided to share with you our list of the most popular eyelash extension trends of 2023. After all, this list is not possible without Lash Technicians like you who are responsible for creating these amazing looks for your lash loving clients. Are any of your go to trendy lash styles featured on our list? Let’s find out.

Wet Look Lashes

First up, a bold and textured lash extension style which took over the summer of 2023. Wet Look Lashes are a wispy and spiky lash design perfect for clients seeking that fresh out of the water look who enjoy textured lashes with a dramatic and fierce effect. For the boldest of clients, Wet Look Lashes have been accompanied perfectly with a pop of coloured lash spikes in the outer corners or throughout the set to create mermaid lashes or seasonal colour coordinated lash styles. This is a style which is versatile and effective by itself or with a touch of exciting colour.

Model Wearing Wet Look Lashes Style

Creating Wet Look Lashes is simple, all you need is your favourite go to Mayfair Volume Lashes and Primer to create those quintessential textured lash spikes on the lash strip. If you’re short on time, after the immense popularity of lash extension looks featuring eyelash spikes in 2023, we introduced our very own range of Premade Lash Spikes for your convenience. When we see a need, we fill that need. For a deep dive into how you too can create Wet Look Lashes, make sure you read our dedicated blog post.

Wet Look Lashes Mapping

Half Set Lashes

For those clients who adore lash extensions but want the subtlety of natural beauty and elegant lightweight eyelashes, Half Set Lashes were 2023’s go to style. In short, the Half Set is a set of lash extensions only lashing the middle to outer corner of the client’s eyelashes. Not only is this style perfect for clients on the go as this style takes less time to apply than a full set of lashes, but it suits those clients who want a more natural outcome with a lifting effect to the outer corners of their lash line and eye shape.

Model Wearing Half Set Lashes

For Half Set Lashes all you need to do is grab your Mapping Pen to mark your client’s Eyepatches and map the middle to outer corners in the lash lengths you want to use. For this natural and chic lash style, subtlety is key, this is why using Chelsea Classic Lash Extensions are your perfect go-to. With their semi-matte finish, these extensions will achieve a very natural, yet noticeable effect to the outer corners of your clients eyes. Don’t forget to check out our blog post for the ultimate guide on how to create this stylish lash look.

Half Set Lashes Mapping

Angel Lashes

Mixing subtlety with drama, Angel Lashes are the ideal wispy lash style for clients who want a natural lash look with textured boldness and elongation. Angel Lashes incorporate both wispy fans and textured spikes to create a very ethereal and lightweight look which still encapsulates all the drama which a set of lashes can achieve.

Model Wearing Angel Lashes Style

The process for creating the ultimate Angel Lashes is simple, we’re looking for a light and natural wispy yet spiky texture, so we recommend closed and narrow Volume Mayfair 0.07 2D lash fans to help you reach the desired effect. For clients with more sparse lashes you can include some slightly wider fans to close the gaps and accentuate the texture from the lash spikes. Make sure to read our full deep dive blog post into Angel Lashes for all the techniques and tips.

Angel Lashes Mapping

  • Honourable Mention: Male Lash Extensions

That’s right, 2023 was a year where lash extensions transcended to a wider range of clients. Male and masculine clients have always found interest in the world of eyelashes, but they really took off in 2023, so we made sure to cover it as soon as this trend became popular to help Lash Techs offer amazing services to their male and masculine clients. Our blog post on this topic has received a lot of interest – if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here. 

Male clients are a growing and exciting demographic which is bound to expand even more as trends for suitable lash extensions become more popular. No longer do you have to limit yourself as a Lash Tech – opening the doors to a wide range of clients will not only bring your lash salon a boost of income, but you will also cement yourself as a reputable, inclusive, and skilled professional. Male lashes are simple, easy and extremely flattering, so make sure you’re ready for this trend to get even hotter!

Nude Look Lash Map

And that’s a wrap on the trendiest lash extension styles of 2023. This has been an amazing and creative year for Lash Technicians who have dared to try new styles and set bold trends, and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings. We want to congratulate you on your hard work, and encourage you to share your trendiest lash styles by tagging us on Instagram - @london_lash_eu with the lash sets you created most often in 2023. We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and for 2024 to bring you even bigger and bolder trends.