Don't Compromise Quality on Quick Lash Sets

There may be times when you’re asked to complete a lash extension set as quickly as possible. While it is never advised to cut corners when it comes to the quality of your work by skipping steps such as Pretreatment or checking for stickies, there are several ways you can complete a quick eyelash extensions set. We’re here to give you some tips on how to create a ‘quick’ lash extension set, save time and leave your clients satisfied and on their way.

Applying Lash Extensions to ClientPartial Lash Sets

An easy way to save yourself time when it comes to lash sets is to apply extensions to fewer natural lashes. This can include a Half Set of lashes, which you can read more about in this blog post. These lash extensions are applied on half of the lash line, from the midpoint to the end, hence their name. Not only does this style speed up your treatment but it also provides a great effect when it comes to their style. A Half Set is a lighter and more wispy style which is similar to a cat eye styling which can be applied, without overwhelming the eyelashes. Half Sets are the most flattering when you use Classic lash extensions as you don’t want to overwhelm your clients lash line with volume. Using single extensions will create a seamless transition between their natural lash and the extensions.

London Lash EU Mapping Guide for Half Set LashesAnother way to apply partial lashes is to aim for 50-75% coverage on the lash line. This is a good choice if your client isn’t a good match for a Cat Eye style, or if they want extensions all the way along their eye, but it can look more sparse more quickly than a set with full coverage, so it’s important to schedule regular infills to keep this style of lashes looking full.

Hybrid Lash Sets

Hybrid Lash Extensions are another way to speed up lash sets as classic lashes are simply faster to apply than volume lashes. Make sure you blend your use of Classic and Volume lashes well as to not leave any noticeable gaps. You can use a Lash Mirror to check from underneath if there are gaps in the lash line while you’re applying lashes. Not only will this technique save you time in creating volume fans to cover every eyelash, but it will also save your client the time they really need while giving them a light and wispy lash set that will last in between their infills.


If you’re skilled in your application and you’re at an experienced level where you are using a ‘fast-drying’ Lash Glue, then you can rest assured that your application time will already be quicker than most. While quick application and a faster drying glue can be a great solution, using a glue that is too rapid for your placement speed will have a negative effect on your retention. You can always decrease your treatment time using other amazing products. One of these is Superbonder Sealant, which cures your eyelash glue instantly and seals in all fumes, helping your client get back to their normal lifestyle sooner by reducing the time they must wait for the usually recommended 24 hours in avoiding water around their eyes. Read more about Superbonder here.

Another way to speed up application is to use Premade Fans or, depending on your client’s desired lash style, Premade Spikes. These lash extensions are the ideal solution to saving time when it comes to creating individual handmade lash fans or spikes. Premade Fans come in different lengths and volumes, so you don’t have to worry about how much volume you can create in a short amount of time. Simply select the sizes needed and lash away. 

Premade Lashes Link for London Lash EUFor clients who desire a bit more texture with a wispy lash effect, our range of Easy Fanning Lashes are an amazing investment when it comes to time-saving volume. They’re an extension which features different lengths of lashes on each strip, creating a natural look with a textured finish. Read more about Premade Fans vs Easy Fanning Lashes here.


Remember, you are running a business and your skills should be rewarded accordingly. After all, how many times have you paid for ‘express shipping’ or a fast track service in general? Usually, these services come with a slightly higher price tag. 

If a client is in a rush and really desires a faster application for a multitude of reasons, make sure you price your treatment as needed. You may be using products you’ve invested in—such as your Superbonder or Premade Fans—which you are in your right to charge a little higher for. Investing in quality products means you’re also providing a quality service and therefore your clients should be made aware that an ‘express’ lash set does not mean cutting corners or using low quality products.

- So there you have it, we hope that you’re prepared for when a client asks for a ‘quick’ lash set. Or, if you feel confident in your skills and the products at your disposal, why not add this service to your list of offerings for a little boost in your income while you also save time.