Why Caring for Your Lash Glue Nozzle Matters

In the world of eyelash extensions, every detail counts. From selecting the perfect Lash Extensions to mastering your application technique, Lash Technicians understand the importance of precision and careful attention to detail. Among the arsenal of tools and products, one component often overlooked is the humble glue nozzle. However, for those in the know, maintaining the integrity of your Lash Glue Nozzles is paramount, especially when working with top-tier products like those from London Lash.

Blocked VS Unblocked Glue BottleThe Role of Lash Glue Nozzles

Before delving into the significance of nozzle care, it's crucial to understand the role these tiny components play in the lash extension process. It’s easy to dismiss a nozzle as just part of a glue bottle’s design, but nozzles are carefully designed to make your job easier, and to ensure that you get as much use out of your Lash Glue as you’re supposed to. A clogged or compromised nozzle can disrupt your work flow and throw you off balance, leading to uneven application if your glue is acting up, which in turn leads to poor adhesion, and ultimately, unsatisfied clients. 

This humble little component, necessary for your glue bottle, is one that must be taken care of. When fully functioning, the glue nozzle will dispense just the right amount of glue so you can continue your lash application with ease, which is why care must be taken to clean and store your glue bottle correctly so that your flow is not disrupted, and the quality of your glue is not impacted.

Precision & Consistency

London Lash is renowned for high-quality products designed and developed to deliver flawless results, which is something we’re very proud of. However, even the best lash glue can falter if not handled or stored properly. Lash Technicians rely on consistent glue dispensing to ensure steady workflow, attachment of extensions and of course, lasting retention. A blocked or damaged nozzle can disrupt this delicate balance, jeopardising the quality of the application and the glue itself. A glue could have several weeks of life left, but poor nozzle care has made it cure inside the bottle itself, or has made it impossible to remove the lid. Not only does this mean that the glue won't work correctly (if you can get to it), it will mean a loss of investment on a  product necessary to your lash extensions kit.

Blocked Lash Glue and NozzleExtend the Lifespan of Your Products

Lash glue nozzles are not immune to the buildup of adhesive residue over time. Failure to clean and maintain your nozzles properly can lead to irreversible damage, rendering the adhesive unusable and necessitating frequent replacements. By adopting a proactive approach to nozzle care, Lash Technicians can extend the lifespan of their products and optimise their investment.

Our incredible and biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipes are the perfect solution for any issues. Simply dispense your glue after you’ve shaken it using a Glue Shaker to mix all the ingredients inside the bottle, grab a nozzle wipe to clean up any residue around the nozzle before placing the lid tightly to keep the bottle airtight. 

A great tip is to ‘burp’ your lash glue before you wipe any residue, and especially before you add the lid back on. Simply put, you want to push out any air left inside the bottle and any glue stuck in the nozzle, this way the nozzle will be cleared, you can wipe away what is pushed out and close the cap onto your bottle, leaving it clean and fresh. Not doing this means that any air and glue in the nozzle can burp into the lid, sticking the lid and nozzle together, rendering the bottle useless.

GIF of Lash Tech Burping Glue BottleTips for Nozzle Maintenance

Caring for your lash glue nozzles doesn't have to be a daunting task. But, for those who have unfortunately suffered from a blocked nozzle, the end is not to throw away your perfectly usable eyelash adhesive; we have you covered! With our Rescue Kit, Spare Glue Nozzles and Glue Nozzle Opener, you’re ready to tackle the challenge, prolong the life of your lash glue and use it as normal in no time.

For a quick guide on how to use these tools, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Use your Glue Rescue Kit by unblocking the nozzle using the provided pin. 

Step 2: Take a biodegradable wipe and clean the nozzle and replace with a fresh cap. 

Step 3: If the nozzle is too clogged and the glue is cured beyond fixing, simply take your Glue Nozzle Opener and find the appropriate size, then remove the nozzle and replace it with the fresh nozzle. 

Step 4: Take the clean cap and replace the old one. 

There you have it, a few simple ways to restore or replace your nozzle for perfect care.

How to Use a Glue Nozzle OpenerAlways remember to store your lash glue in a cool and dry place—an Airtight Container is an ideal solution for humid environments with fluctuating humidity and temperatures—and always keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources, and you will prolong the life of your lash glue, making sure you can use it until the last drop is dispensed.

Airtight Container for Eyelash Glue StorageIn the world of lash extensions, attention to detail is the hallmark of excellence. By prioritising the care and maintenance of your lash glue nozzles, you can uphold the standards of precision, consistency, and safety that clients expect. With our products and a commitment to proper nozzle care, Lash Artists can achieve impeccable results and earn the trust and loyalty of their clientele. Remember, when it comes to lash extensions, every detail matters.