Relax After Lashing With Our Very Own Christmas Lash Stories

Christmas and the holiday season can be a very stressful time for a Lash Artist. While we love the hustle and bustle of our industry, taking the time to breathe and enjoy a moment of silence feels like a rarity during the late months of the year. Having a moment to yourself is as important as keeping your body nourished – you might feel as though you’re doing a great job of keeping on top of everything when you’re back to back with clients and running your business on top, but there’s no longevity in that. To give you the festive cheer you need and deserve, we hope you enjoy our Christmas themed short stories featuring you, our starring Lash Tech.

Gingerbread House On Top of Gifts

Dasher's Speedy Lash Application Lesson

In the silence of the peaceful North Pole, even a snowflake landing on a cushion of snow made a sound. None other than the local Jingle Lash Beauty Salon made an abundance of noise. All the Elves were getting ready for their Christmas office party and the resident Lash Tech was running around lashing clients left and right. But the workload was all too much, so they turned to the only speedy worker they knew.

Dasher, the fastest reindeer in Santa's sleigh team, shared his secret to speed with the Lash Technician. With a sprinkle of speedy magic, he taught them that while speed is important, it should never compromise quality. Just like Dasher swiftly traverses the night sky, the Lash Artist quickly learned to apply lashes efficiently without sacrificing the perfection of their craft. The moral? Blend speed with precision for a dashingly beautiful result. Save time lashing by using Premade Fans, Easy Fanning Lashes or Premade Spikes.

Premade Lash Fans Christmas Theme

Santa's Lash List: Checking It Twice

The North Pole’s resident Lash Tech was sombre. Nothing could cheer them up, not even the Christmas spirit looming over the whole Arctic North Pole. But what was wrong? They had forgotten to place their list for Santa on time. Now all the little Elves would have to go without their fluffy Christmas lashes. 

Santa, the master planner, had a list for everything - including lashes. The helpful Elves emphasised the importance of creating a lash list for emergencies, ensuring no lash detail was overlooked. Just as Santa checked his list twice, he noticed a missing name on the nice list! No Lash Tech was to be left behind, so he made sure all the goodies were packed and ready on time for Christmas with speedy delivery. Technicians were encouraged to double-check their stock for a flawless lash treatment. Lesson learned? A meticulous approach leads to satisfied clients and a spot on the nice list.

The Elves Come Out To Help

In the heart of Lashington Forest, deep in the snowy depths of the North Pole, Holly Sparklelash's studio buzzed with festive chaos. Christmas Eve arrived, and Holly wished for a little magic to tidy her lash haven. Unbeknownst to her, the Cleanup Crew of mischievous Elves heard her plea. 

At midnight, led by Twinkle, they twirled in with tiny brooms. Giggles filled the air as glitters were gathered, Lashes organised, Tweezers were put away, and chaos turned into a yuletide masterpiece. As dawn broke, Holly discovered her studio transformed. A wreath of delicate lashes adorned with tiny ornaments awaited, accompanied by a note:  "A sprinkle of elf magic to make your Christmas bright."  Holly embraced the enchantment, ready for a magical year ahead. But worry not, your own magic awaits with organisation when you find a magic storage unit fit for your festive workplace.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers in Christmas Theme

Lashing Through The Snow

In the enchanting North Pole, amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, lived a dedicated lash technician named Luna Frostlash. Luna was renowned for her exquisite lash artistry, but she often neglected her own well-being in the midst of her clients' festive preparations. One frosty evening, Luna's mentor, the wise Lash Master Snowflake, visited her studio. Snowflake shared a heartfelt tale of an overworked Elf who lost her sparkle by prioritising work over herself.

Snowflake reminded Luna of the importance of self-care, especially during the busy holiday season. Luna realised that just as she enhanced the beauty of others with her lashes, she needed to cherish her own well-being. She vowed to take time for herself, recharge, and find balance. In the spirit of giving during the holidays, Lash Technicians must also remember to care for themselves. It's through self-care that they can continue to bring joy and beauty to the world, one lash at a time, with a heart full of warmth and a twinkle in their eye.