Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes In Single Sizes Are Finally Here

When our loyal London Lash customers ask, we deliver. That’s right, the new Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes are now available in single size trays. We’ve heard your feedback and we decided to develop a product which is single handedly making the jobs of Lash Techs easier and quicker. No longer will you need to search for your most used Easy Fanning Lash sizes in a mixed tray, ending up with lots of trays hanging around with leftover rarely used lengths! Easy Fanning to easy lashing, take a look at why we think this is the number one product for you to expand your lash kit.

Model Wearing Easy Fanning Lashes in Camellia

Single Size Lash Trays

  • Consistency
  • When it comes to achieving a uniform and flawless lash line, single-length lash trays are the key. If you have clients who crave the fullness of Russian Volume lashes, our Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes in single-length trays will be your go-to choice. Alternatively, for clients who prefer a natural and consistently subtle look, single-length Classic lash extensions will become your secret weapon when it comes to infill sessions to re-lash any out-grown lashes. With single length trays, you don’t have to worry if you’ve got any lashes left in your much needed sizes.

  • Simplified Lash Extension Application
  • The beauty of single length lash extension trays lies in their simplicity. When you need to use specific extensions all you have to do is pick your tray and lash away.  “But I don’t use just one length!”  This is where you save money in the long run. If you purchase the lengths you know and use in single trays all you need to do is set up a Lash Palette with those lengths without the hassle of needing to find them in a mixed tray. In the long run that means less waste of all those lash lengths you don’t use in a mixed tray, and you’ll be saving money from consistently repurchasing new mixed trays to only use up the few lengths you consistently use, with almost no need for the other lengths. Put simply, it means you’re less likely to be caught out from running out of your much needed lengths and left with ones you don’t need, which may feel like a waste of investment.

  • Inventory Management
  • Managing a variety of lash tray sizes and styles can be a logistical challenge, especially if you don’t end up using all the lashes provided in a tray. Single sized lash trays simplify your inventory management since you only need to stock lashes in the lengths that you use the most. Purchasing multiple boxes in single length trays may seem counterproductive, as you need more space to store multiple boxes of lashes vs one box of mixed sizes. 

    However, if you know you consistently use those lengths, you will be going through them much quicker than if you’re storing more mixed size trays, simply for the use of two or three specific lengths, ending up with a bulk of unused lashes – no one wants to see a landfill full of lashes simply because you never needed them. Thus you end up holding on to a huge inventory because after all, you invested in it. Purchasing single sized trays can lead to reduced storage space requirements, a lower risk of running out of the lengths you need, and easier tracking of your lash supplies. It can also help minimise waste and costs associated with purchasing and storing multiple tray types with lashes you may never end up using, making your business operations more efficient.

    Placing Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes on Lash Palette

    What Sets Them Apart?

    Our Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes have a mixture of two lengths of lashes on each strip, each with a difference of 2mm between them, i.e. 8/10, 9/11, or 12/14. This gives you effortlessly wispy lashes. Until now, Camellia lashes only came in mixed length trays, but thanks to so many of you asking, you can now get boxes with only one length inside. 

    On the other hand, our mix sized trays of Camellia lashes feature the same attributes but ranging in different lengths between 7,9mm to 13,15mm. A mix sized tray gives you the opportunity to create a range of looks for different clients as you get an idea of whether you and your clients like those particular lashes, whilst still being able to use different sizes. You can read all about these trays of lashes in this blog post

    As you become more experienced and expand your client list, you’ll find that you may use one or two sizes much more than any other, running out of those particular sizes quicker, which can quickly turn into an issue.

    This is precisely why we have developed our single size trays to make sure you never run out of your most used lashes.“Why not both single and mix sized trays?”Well, you absolutely can purchase both single and mixed length trays. In fact, if you find yourself using one size more than the rest, but still find use in creating those wispy lash effects with other sizes, it’s a great idea to have the option to dip into an alternative size when you need it. But, for practical and economic reasons, stocking up on single size trays can be a huge money saver for those Techs who consistently use a couple of sizes more than others.

    Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes Box

    In the epic choice between single lengths, mixed lengths, or a dynamic duo combination, the decision is in your lashing hands. Your selection of lash trays should be a reflection of your artistic vision, client preferences, and your comfort level as a Lash Technician. While single length lash trays offer simplicity and uniformity, mixed length lash trays unlock endless creative possibilities and a more natural appearance. You might discover that having a combination of both types in your lash extension kit allows you to cater to a diverse clientele and craft the perfect lash set for each client while still using one size consistently. Whether you lean towards consistency, embrace lash artistry, or find yourself somewhere in between, the world of lashes is full of opportunities.