So Henna Hacks for Brow Techs: Our Secret Tips!

We all love a beauty hack, especially when it comes to taking our brows to the next level. Are you ready to escalate your expertise and bring your brow henna services to unparalleled heights? We have a few So Henna hacks to share with you - the secret tips every Brow Technician should embrace to enhance their artistry and deliver remarkable results to clients.

Hack #1: The Pathway to Perfection Begins with Preparation

In the world of So Henna, perfect preparation plays a vital role. To ensure a seamless henna application and long-lasting results, begin with a thorough and gentle cleansing of the brow area. Opt for an oil-free cleanser, such as a foaming shampoo, to eradicate any residue. Follow up with a mild exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells, paving the way for optimal henna adhesion to the skin. This preparatory step is essential to achieve stunning henna brows that will stay perfect no matter what your client’s day entails! Many Brow Artists skip this, but we promise if you do this extra step, you will see the benefits!

Hack #2: The Art of Mixing

Mastering the art of mixing is your gateway to a smooth and even henna application. Combine the So Henna powder with just the right amount of water - use a dropper for precise water measurement. Aim for a lump-free, honey-like consistency by stirring the mixture until smooth.  This consistency allows for a more even application, ensuring that each brow strand is impeccably coated, promising a uniform and striking brow tint. The best way to ensure a perfect henna mix is by using our Mixing Tool, which creates the perfect mixture in a matter of seconds.

The perfect brow henna consistency with a So Henna mixing tool

Hack #3: Delight in Colour Customisation

Many people forget to take advantage of the fact that our So Henna brow powders are completely customisable to suit each client's unique aesthetic. You can adjust the shade by blending different So Henna shades to get the perfect match or by adding ‘Sweetener’ for warmth or ‘Espresso’ for coolness. This personalised approach ensures each client receives a custom, complementary brow tint that enhances their natural beauty - we don’t do one size fits all around here!

Hack #4: Apply with Precision

Precision is paramount in the application of So Henna. It’s important to use a top-quality, precise brow brush for a meticulous application - our No.1 Angled Eyebrow Brush is the best for application! Make sure that the application is consistent throughout the entire brow to prevent uneven or blotchy results, ensuring every client leaves with flawlessly tinted brows. Our favourite So Henna hack when it comes to the application is to use hair stroke motions on the brows! Using a No.3 Angled Henna Brush, you can draw on hair strokes instead of saturating the entire brow to achieve a fluffy, natural henna brow look - check out the full step-by-step here. 

Henna brows application with So Henna powder

Hack #5: Mastery in Timing

Understanding the significance of timing empowers you to control the depth of the brow henna colour. Allow the So Henna to rest on the brows for between 10 and 20 minutes. A good timing hack is to remove the front of the brow a few minutes before the rest of the brow. This keeps the brow looking natural and avoids a block-brow look. 

Hack #6: Educate on Aftercare

Your role as a Brow Technician goes beyond the application process. Provide your clients with informed aftercare advice to extend the life of their henna brows. Advise them to keep the brows dry for the initial 24 hours post-application and to avoid abrasive facial products that may prematurely fade the brow tint. The best thing you can do is recommend your clients use a nourishing brow oil. You can retail our mini bottles of So Henna Brow Oil to boost your income on each treatment!

So Henna brow oil

Add these So Henna hacks into your repertoire and unlock the doorway to consistently delivering stunning, personalised brow henna results. Your commitment to excellence, combined with these handy tips, will have you creating brows that leave your clients feeling amazing! Now it’s time to put them into action… and don’t forget to tag us in your henna brow pics!