Tips on How to Set Up a Lash Extensions Studio at Home

In today's digital age, the concept of the traditional workplace has undergone a significant transformation. With the rise of remote work opportunities, even industries like beauty and cosmetics have adapted to accommodate professionals who prefer to work from home. For Lash Technicians, this shift presents an exciting opportunity to build a thriving business while enjoying the flexibility and comfort of working in their own space. However, establishing a professional workstation is essential to ensure quality service delivery and client satisfaction. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you set up your home lash studio like a pro.

Working From Home as a Lash Artist Set UpDesignate a Dedicated Space 

Start by selecting a quiet, well-lit and ventilated area in your home that you can dedicate solely to your lash business. Ideally, you’ll be doing yourself a favour picking a separate room where you can leave your lash trolley and bed set up, so that when you’re done with work you can just shut the door and keep your home and work life separate. 

In terms of lighting, Glamcor has you covered. With their professional LED beauty lights you can light up a room and your lash sets with stunning precision, reducing the chances of stickies and helping you to apply your lash extensions flawlessly. Proper lighting also prevents eye strain for you, meaning that you can lash comfortably for longer. Glamcor lights will allow you to see all the necessary details of your lash treatments, and they double up as beautiful content lighting too for when you need to create promotional online content.

Glamcor Horizon and Lash Bed Set UpInvest in Quality Equipment

While working from home, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality equipment and supplies to deliver professional results. Purchase a sturdy, adjustable lash bed that provides comfort for both you and your clients during appointments. Make sure that you have enough space in your chosen room to fit a lash bed and adjustable chair along with your necessary tools, lash trolley or table, and beauty lighting.

Additionally, stock up on high quality Lash Extensions, Glues, Tweezers, and other essential tools and Pretreatment liquids to ensure precision and efficiency in your work. Having everything in one place, especially in your home, can become overwhelming if you don’t have a designated spot for all your necessities. This is why the Acrylic Organiser can be the perfect investment. With dedicated storage for all your necessities such as lash palettes, extensions, liquids and tools, you can rest assured that the acrylic organiser won’t take too much space, but it will create a beautifully peaceful, more hygienic and organised environment.

Optimise Organisation 

Speaking of organisation, it is key to maximising productivity and minimising clutter in your home studio. Invest in storage solutions such as shelves, drawers, and organisers to keep your supplies neatly arranged and easily accessible for when you don’t need them, or if you stock up for an influx of clients. Labelling containers and categorising products by type can further streamline your workflow and save time during room set up and appointments.

Create a Hygienic Environment 

Maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is paramount in the beauty industry. Equip your workstation with Disposable Applicators, Stickers for Glue Stones, and other single-use items to prevent cross-contamination between clients. Regularly sanitise and disinfect your tools and surfaces to uphold strict hygiene standards across your individual European countries and earn the trust of your clientele by doing so. Check too whether you need to completely sterilise your tools between clients, or whether simply disinfecting tools is sufficient. This can vary between countries, and is something that you will need to know in order to operate as a business. 

Disposable Brush Heads Inside Black Cylindrical ContainerRemember, wherever you’re working from will need to be well ventilated, especially when lash glue fumes are involved. If your space doesn’t have a window that opens, or if opening your windows causes your lash glue to misbehave, a Glamcor Flow might be a great option for you. 

Make sure to invest in a Digital Hygrometer to monitor the room conditions for your lash glue, particularly with reference to the humidity of your workspace. If you’re working in a small room, you may need a dehumidifier or a humidifier depending on your location, and perhaps you will need to turn up the AC or the heating depending on the time of year. These things are important to consider, especially when working with glue as you want it to work at its best within the best room conditions. 

Digital Hygrometer for Monitoring Room ConditionsEnhance Ambiance with Décor 

Personalise your home lash studio with tasteful décor elements that reflect your brand identity and create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. Consider adding soft lighting, calming scents, and relaxing music to elevate the overall experience and ensure clients feel pampered during their lash appointments. As a Lash Technician, you’ll spend long hours performing intricate procedures, so prioritising comfort and ergonomics is essential to prevent fatigue and maintain focus. Choose ergonomic seating options which help to keep your back straight and your spine and hips in alignment to alleviate strain on your back and joints during extended sessions. Don’t forget to take time to stretch and move around, and keep on top of your nutrition and hydration. Check out our blog on How to Find Balance Between Business and Pleasure for more tips about staying healthy and happy as a Lash Tech.

Promote Your Work

Finally, don't forget self promotion is an important aspect of attracting clients. Being tech savvy isn't a must, but it will help you in the long run to gaining an online following and marketing yourself as the go to Lash Artist. Learn more about How to Grow Your Lash Business on Instagram and Opening a Lash Extensions Website for personal development tips and tricks.

Professional Website and Social Media for Lash ArtistsBy following these steps and investing in a professional set up, you can establish a successful home-based lash studio that rivals the standards of traditional brick-and-mortar salons. With dedication, attention to detail, and a passion for your craft, you can thrive as a Lash Tech while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from the comfort of your own home.