What Advice Should You Give to Spa-Goers With Lash Extensions

In the pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation, a trip to the spa can work wonders for both body and mind. However, for those with Eyelash Extensions, navigating the steam room or sauna can be a bit trickier. Eyelash extensions require special care to maintain their beauty and longevity, and exposure to high temperatures can pose risks. To ensure that your clients’ spa experience remains blissful without compromising their eyelash extensions, here are some essential tips they must follow.

Lash Client Relaxing in SaunaBe Patient

Clients should be advised to wait at least 24 hours after getting eyelash extensions to get them wet to give their new extensions ample time for the Lash Glue to set and bond with their natural lashes before subjecting them to the high heat and humidity of steam rooms or saunas. Waiting for a day or two will minimise the risk of glue shock curing, helping to ensure a longer-lasting result. 

Of course, as a Lash Tech you can invest in the magic that is Superbonder, this sealant will cure the lash adhesive instantly, not only creating an immediate bond, but also sealing in all glue fumes which will reduce any risks of irritation. Read more about Superbonder in this blog post.

Product Qualities for Superbonder SealantAvoid Direct Exposure to Steam & Heat 

While indulging in the steam room or sauna can be incredibly relaxing, depending on the lash extensions used, direct exposure to heat and moisture can cause eyelash extensions to lose their curl or even prematurely fall out. Instead, clients can opt for milder activities like a warm shower or a dip in the pool to minimise the risk to their lashes.

Using professional products from London Lash will guarantee that your clients’ eyelash extensions maintain their curl and placement. Our eyelash extensions are created from a synthetic fibre called PBT which is heat and water resistant, meaning that it is able to maintain its curl unless exposed to extreme conditions (for example, hot air from a hairdryer). Using poor quality extensions which haven’t been tested in these kinds of conditions can pose the risk to not only loss of curl, but premature lash shedding too.

Be Gentle

After a long spa session, clients should always resist the temptation to vigorously rub their face with a towel for benefits such as exfoliation. Instead, they should gently pat their skin dry, being careful to avoid their eye area. Excessive rubbing can cause friction and damage to their eyelash extensions, so advise clients to take their time and handle their lashes with care.

The best thing to do for their lashes at this point would be to wash their lashes as they do daily, getting rid of sweat around their lashes. You can retail a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush for your clients to purchase for this purpose. This gentle foam cleanser and soft brush will not only protect and clean their new lash set, but it will also give them a relaxing and beautifying feel.

Foam Cleansing Lash Shampoo and BrushDon’t Stay Too Long

Regardless of whether you finish off a lash set with Superbonder, high heats can soften lash glue, which is why we advise that clients avoid spending prolonged periods of time in a sauna or steam room. As well as causing potential issues with retention, softened glue means that fumes will start to be released again. This in turn means that your client may experience chemical burns if the fumes are around their eyes for a long time, and in some cases they may even experience an allergic reaction. 

Steam rooms, though hot and humid, tend to pose slightly less of a risk than saunas as they tend to be less hot, and have the added benefit of moisture to keep the glue cured and keep the fumes locked in. What this does mean, however, is that the glue can cure too quickly and become brittle which means that it can crumble, obviously affecting retention. It’s best, in these cases, to limit time spent (in saunas in particular) so that the glue isn’t exposed to high heats for too long at a time. 

Schedule Touch-Up Appointments 

Despite your best efforts, wear and tear of your client’s new lash sets are inevitable when it comes to exposure during these activities. To keep your clients’ lashes looking their best, schedule regular touch-up appointments. This way you can fill in any gaps, replace any lost lashes, and ensure that their extensions remain flawless. Read more about infill sessions in our dedicated blog post here.

Lash Extensions Infill on ClientBy following these simple guidelines, your clients can enjoy all the benefits of a spa day without compromising the beauty of their stunning eyelash extensions and your hard work. Remember, a little care and precaution can go a long way in preserving the results of lash extensions and keeping them looking fabulous for weeks to come. To help them remember your advice, always set your clients on their way with an Aftercare Sheet for a reminder as and when they need it.