How To Prepare For The Most Romantic Day Of The Year

As love begins to swoop around for Valentine’s Day, you may experience an influx of clients who desire a beautiful and bespoke lash set fit for a romantic dinner and late night stroll. You may find that clients are nervous as Valentine’s Day marks the most romantic day of the year and for some, it will be a night to remember. Therefore, with the increase in clients and responsibility, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time, stay calm, and compose your clients by providing exceptional service so that their eyelash extensions experience is one less thing to worry about.

Valentine's Day Themed Lash Gifts

Stock Up

Make sure you’re stocked up for what you need. Your clients may be booking in thick and fast, and you might see a larger influx than usual so you may be running out of essential supplies such as Pretreatment, your most popular Lash Extensions or even Lash Glue

Check your current stock supply. Do you have enough products to perform a thorough lash cleaning on each client? Do you need to swap out your adhesive for a fresh one and make sure you have a spare in case you run out? Are your clients booking in for a treatment which may include Coloured Lashes such as subtle pinks to fit the theme of Valentine’s Day? All these questions are important, so write down everything you have and what you may need on a Notepad and stock up with express shipping sooner rather than later.

Express Shipping on London Lash Stock Up

Offer Promotions And Themed Lash Designs

If you’re excited about the romantic season which February brings and you’ve experienced a slump in bookings after the winter holidays, then perhaps having promotional incentives to lure in potential clients is a great idea for your business. 

Offer a discount for your most popular lash styles, Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes or even a style of eyelashes which you think suits this holiday. Don’t be afraid to design a specific themed lash look of wispy lashes with bespoke Pink or Fuchsia coloured lash spike extensions in the outer corners. With each booking of a specific style, you can offer a special discounted price to stand out as the go-to lash salon for Valentine’s Day specials – don’t forget to market these discounts on your social media, website, or even on posters in your salon windows, after all you don’t want clients to miss out!

Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great time to offer gift ideas for loved ones. Marketing this promotion on your social media, website and lash salon for potential partners who may know their loved one is a lash extensions enthusiast is a great idea. Some packages can include a gift card towards their next eyelash extensions appointment, or a voucher for a fully paid service. Another great idea is creating a gift basket as an aftercare package. Offering a bundle of Lash Shampoo with a Cleansing Brush, gift voucher or discount code and a box of chocolates can be a very thoughtful and on theme gift for lash lovers. The possibilities for the kind of bundle, package or gift card you would like to offer are endless, and is a great way to engage with your clients and their loved ones who are considerate and understand their partner’s interests. Not only does this build great client relationships, but it shows great lengths of your services.


Do not forget to decorate your lash studio, or if you’re renting a bed in a salon, give a helpful hint for the potential benefits of marketing towards the Valentine’s Day clients. Regardless of what services your salon offers, be it lash extensions only, or hair, beauty, nails and lashes, a themed beauty parlour will attract those clients looking to accentuate their look for potential dates or romantic getaways. A small touch of hearts on display, along with banners, balloons or other salon safe decorations will go a long way for your clients to fall in love with the experience.

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Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or you’re simply offering a service for those loved up clients, it’s a great time to boost footfall, create strong client bonds and make sure you’re making the most of this special time of the year.