Apply These Three Lash Hacks Into Your Routine

We love to help make your job as a Lash Artist easier with tips and tricks that enable you to utilise your eyelash extensions kit to the fullest. We also know that you’re probably not a stranger to lash extension hacks, and we’re always on the lookout for what’s new, so don’t be afraid to share your tricks with us on our Instagram page - @London_Lash_EU. But if you are new to the game, or you simply haven’t had the chance to experiment with some of these tips yet, now is the perfect time to adjust your lash kit and make your treatments easier.

Foam Tape for Bulbous Eyes

Clients with round or bulbous eyes can be tricky to lash as they tend to struggle with fully closing their eyes. While this may not be noticeable in their day to day life, when being lashed, they risk experiencing chemical burns from their eyes being exposed to fumes from your Lash Glue. Because it’s so important that clients are able to fully close their eyes during a treatment, especially so for clients with big and beautiful eyes, we always suggest this helpful little trick:

Grab your roll of Microfoam Tape and cut some to a size which will fit their eye shape as an alternative to your usual Eyepatches. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it is also one of the safest ways to prevent any prolonged exposure to fumes. Using Foam Tape will bridge the gap between your client’s under eyes and their eyelids where they’re unable to fully close them. With Foam Tape being thicker than regular Eyepatches, they will help to create a protective barrier. Furthermore, Foam Tape is also perfectly suitable for your Lash Mapping Pen when you want to draw out a lash map and if you’re attaching an extra Eyelid Strip to help your clients keep their eyes closed, the Foam Tape will create a strong adherence between the strip and the tape to keep it in place better.

Benefits of Using Foam Tape

Use A Wooden Spoolie During Pretreatment

You may be wondering how adding this extra step to your Pretreatment routine will save you time or be helpful at all? Well, using a wooden spoolie during your pretreatment routine means you’ll be able to perform a super thorough clean of your client’s eyelashes and save on patches. With a properly cleansed and primed base, you can isolate quicker and lash much easier knowing all of the lashes have been perfectly prepared during your pretreatment and are ready for lashing.

Position a thin Wooden Waxing Stick beneath the lash line when you’re cleansing the lashes with your Lash Shampoo, then follow this by a more thorough cleansing, and priming of the lashes with your Super Prep DUO. This precaution guarantees that any makeup, impurities, or leftover debris will not come into contact with the Eyepatches, thereby eliminating the need for swapping out patches if they’ve become soaked or dirty. Additionally, this clever hack also prevents any products from coming into contact with your client’s eyes, reducing the risk of irritation.

Wooden So Henna Wax Stick

Burp Your Lash Glue

That’s right, this is an industry term! Burping your Eyelash Glue is a process which removes excess air from the bottle. By doing this, not only are you making sure your glue is looked after by preventing it from curing around the nozzle, but you’ll also save product in the long run too.

To ‘burp’ your adhesive, place it onto a flat surface and squeeze the sides of the bottle to remove any excess air or glue in the nozzle with a ‘bubble’ or pop. Excess air inside the glue means it won’t stay as fresh for a longer period of time because the moisture in the air will cause the glue to cure faster. Then use a Biodegradable Nozzle Wipe to clean the excess glue pushed out and place the cap back onto the bottle when you’re done. By ‘burping’ your adhesive, it will stay fresh and ready for the next use.

Gif Showing Lash Tech Burping Lash Glue

Whether you’re a Lash Pro or a beginner Lash Tech, it’s never too early or too late to implement a helpful hack into your treatments. By no means do you need to follow each hack every single time, but finding ways to make your day to day routine easier can make a big difference. For more hacks, make sure to read our Three Lash Hacks You Need to Know and Three Lash Hacks Using Items In Your Lash Extensions Kit blog posts.