The Passion for Lashes: Bratz Lash Extensions

Are your clients looking for the next style trend in Lash Extensions? The summer is fast approaching and we’re here to tell you about the hottest emerging trend of the year. The year of 2023 gave us one of the most popular lash trends with Barbie Lashes—with the release of the namesake blockbuster Barbie movie, it was all the rage—but 2024 brings a fresh taste in ‘doll inspired’ lash styles. Introducing Bratz Lashes, the perfect wispy and textured lash set perfect for the excitement of summer. Let’s delve in.

Wispy Lashes

Firstly, let’s refresh on what exactly are wispy lashes. Take for example Angel Lashes or Wet Look Lashes which are characterised by their feathery appearance. They are designed to mimic the natural growth pattern of eyelashes, featuring varying lengths and delicate, fine fibres. This creates a soft, fluttery look that enhances the eyes without appearing overly dramatic or artificial. Wispy lashes are ideal for those seeking a bold and noticeable enhancement, providing a balanced blend of volume and length that suits both everyday wear and special occasions.

Bratz Lashes 

Bratz Lashes are picking up in the industry for their remarkable length and lash spikes, offering a striking and attention-grabbing appearance reminiscent of a Bratz Doll’s signature look. These lashes are a mixture of an eyeliner effect and a spikier, more attention-grabbing look. These stylistic choices are what allow Bratz lashes to intensify the lash appearance and create a bolder, more attention grabbing look. For Bratz lashes, a blend of C, CC or even M Curl lashes are a great way to introduce drama and boldness. Though remember, always consult with your client and assess their natural lashes before deciding on the desired lash curl.

Example Bratz Doll and Lashes

Creating a Bratz Lash Set

Bratz lashes are recognised for their voluminous and thick appearance with three prominent lash spikes in the outer corners, with the overall mapping tailored to your client’s preferences or needs. The volume of lash extensions used in this style are typically thicker and denser, resulting in a fuller and more glamorous effect. 

To achieve a lighter version of a Bratz doll eyelash look, you can use Volume lashes in 3D 0.07 (9-13mm) with spikes made from 2D 0.10 (11-15mm). The thicker diameter may seem as though it contributes to a fuller and more dramatic appearance, but in this case, you’re actually creating a lighter effect. 

For denser volume, you can consider using Mega Volume Lashes in 0.05, or even 0.03 to create larger fans. Easy Fanning Lashes can be a good choice here, as they speed up your working time while giving you the density you’re looking for with an effortlessly wispy top line. Working in layers you can play with density and texture, meaning that you can still achieve a dense lash look for clients with more sparse lashes, as long as you make sure all of your fans are opened up correctly and evenly. However, it's essential to consider the client's natural lashes and ensure the selected diameter is suitable, avoiding any strain or damage to their natural lashes. 

The outer corner of Bratz Lashes features three distinct Lash Spikes, which is the perfect opportunity to utilise the incredible Premade Lash Spikes. They save you time and product compared to using handmade lash spikes. Check out our map guide below:

Bratz Lashes Lash Extensions Map

We’ve used shorter lengths in a Natural lash map for this one, but you can play around with lengths, curls and styling depending on what your client would like their lashes to look like.

TOP TIP - For an extra daring summer vibe, why not play around with Coloured Lashes? It’s the perfect opportunity to add a pop of fun and vibrancy to any lash set. Try our new Neon Lashes for your spikes, but don’t be afraid to get creative! These lashes are super bright and playful, and a little goes a long way—you could create stunning lash fans to play around with in between layers, adding a touch of colour with subtle gradient which will be seen as soon as the summer Sun shines!

Model Holding Box of Neon Lashes

Who Can Wear Bratz Lashes

When it comes to which clients will suit Bratz Lashes, you’ll need to do a full consultation to assess their eye shape and the state of their natural lashes. Below is a list of ideal eye shapes for this trending lash style, but if your clients are not the most suited for this style, tailor fine details to adjust and make it more accessible to them. After all, as a Lash Tech, your creativity makes the rules and you can take the most distinct of Bratz Lashes features to make this style more accessible for all clients.

Almond-Shaped Eyes: Bratz lash extensions are perfect for enhancing the natural shape of almond-shaped eyes. Their elongated length and dramatic curl accentuate the almond shape, resulting in a captivating and glamorous look.

Hooded Eyes: This style is an excellent choice for individuals with hooded eyes. The added length and volume of these extensions help open up the eyes, creating a lifted appearance and making the eyes appear more prominent and captivating. Just be sure to check that the length and curl you’ve chosen is comfortable for them when their eyes are open.

Round Eyes: Bratz lash extensions can add definition and elongation to round eyes. By incorporating both length and curl, these lashes create a visually elongated effect, balancing the roundness and adding a touch of drama. For these clients, opt for a Squirrel, Cat, or even an Arrow effect to really complement the rounder eye shape.

Downturned Eyes: Bratz lashes are ideal for lifting and opening up the appearance of downturned eyes. The dramatic curl and length of these lashes create an upward effect, counteracting the natural downturn, and resulting in a more lifted and alluring look.

GIF of Bratz Lashes Set on Model

Source: @Katyaa_Nunez on TIkTok

So go out there and make this summer one to remember, for your business and clients! After all, Bratz are known for their ‘Passion for Fashion’ and your clients are no different. Give them a trend to remember and a summer full of eye-catching glamour.