Salon Accessories Will Help You In The Long Run

Lash Technicians will know that an eyelash extension kit is not a small investment. In fact, a full kit filled with Pretreatment, Eyepatches and Tape, Glue, Lash Extensions and essential tools such as Brushes and Tweezers can take up a lot of space. This goes without saying that mobile Lash Techs don’t have it easy either. But, in a busy salon, serving client after client, it can become quite difficult to organise your space and make sure everything is put back into its rightful place between clients. A clean salon is a professional salon, so what can you do to stay organised?

Lash Artist Trolley with Salon AccessoriesCleanliness

Firstly, keeping a clean and hygienic workspace is important. You can read all about How to Keep Your Lash Salon Clean here. But, in short, hygiene is not just good practice. In fact, it can be a legal requirement. Depending on the European country you’re in, different laws and local requirements may need you to disinfect, sanitise and sterilise your tools and workspace. 

Keeping up to date with requirements is important, not only to promote good work practices, but also to follow guidelines which will allow you to keep your doors open as a business.

Storage Solutions

You’ve heard about storage a lot, but, in a salon, whether you’re renting a lash bed, or you’re the owner, you will save space, cleaning time and make sure your workspace looks aesthetically pleasing and professional. Storage for lash extension kits can be pretty simple. Depending on your schedule, if you work full time as a Lash Artist, then you’re probably considering investing in an arsenal of professional products and thus you will need to know how to store them. Here are some tips on how to store your lash kit.

Lash Palettes: These storage organisers are perfect for any Lash Tech who knows their routine and their kit like the back of their hand. A Lash Palette Organiser can come in a small or large container, this is ideal for Technicians who may have a small or large range of extensions to choose from. Simply take the strip of lashes from its original box, apply to the palette and you’re set, no more huge storage of lash boxes around your workspace.

Acrylic Organiser: For a professional Lash Artist a full scale organiser can be the best investment when it comes to storing their entire collection. From the humble lash palette, to storage for Pretreatment, Brushes and even Tweezers. The Acrylic Organiser keeps everything in one place. Simply place it on your lash trolley or work table and you’re all set. It’s compact, while fitting in all your necessities in one place.

Airtight Glue Container: Storing your Lash Glue is an absolute must. Keeping a fresh glue away from moisture and heat sources will prolong the life of your bottle. No one wants a stringy lash glue or a blocked nozzle full of cured glue. The Airtight Container is the best solution for storing glue and making sure it’s used fresh time and time again.

Storage Solutions for Busy Lash ArtistsAccessories 

Now that you know how to store your lash kit, it’s important to note that tools and accessories don’t include just one pair of Tweezers. Accessories can come in different shapes and sizes, from a must-have Glamcor Lamp to a small LED Light which will help you to take all important social media content or lash in dim lit areas. But of course, you also need to know how to lash quickly. While we don’t want you to compromise your quality with speed, we’re here to help you quicken your process with professional lash products.

Having a Tape Holder / Cutter all in one can help you speed up your lashing process by allowing you to use tape with a quickness without finding the edge or needing scissors to cut the correct amount. All you have to do is pull the tape, cut and place. But that’s not all, speeding up is not just about lashing, it goes hand in hand with your eyelash glue too. A handy Glue Shaker is nothing short of a life saver when it comes to shaking and mixing your glue bottle every time you need to use it. In fact, why don’t you check out our dedicated blog post all about our Glue Shaker here, and find out how you can save valuable time during your appointments.

Last but not least, if worst comes to worst, you may be experiencing a glue bottle emergency. No one likes a cured nozzle blocked up with lash glue, so you will spend time trying to find a solution when you should be cleaning your clients lashes or getting ready to isolate and begin the placement process. Well, our full range of options is extensive, from our Glue Rescue Kit to our Nozzle Opener, you can prolong the life of your glue bottle and use it to the very last drop. Check out our blog on How to Care for your Lash Glue Nozzles for the best lash hacks you’ll find anywhere.

Lash Salon Trolley and AccessoriesSo there you have it, some tips on why accessories are important. Trust us, your lash extension kit will thank you for it, and so will your clients. Nothing says professionalism like a fully prepared Lash Artist with an arsenal of items ready for any situation.