LC Curl Lashes: The Ultimate Lowdown

There are so many amazing curls available on the market when it comes to Eyelash Extensions. From the popular C, CC and D curls, to up and coming favourites like M and L Curls, the world of lash extensions is always evolving to help you create stunning new lash sets with a personal touch. Ultimately, that is the role of a lash curl; to create a bespoke and suited lash style for every client who desires a lash set as unique as they are.

Curls for eyelash extensions come in all different shapes and they can be used by themselves or mixed to create a unique style, so make sure to check out these blogs too: A Deep Dive into Lash Extension Curls and Mixing Curls to Create Unique Lash Sets.

Lash Palette and Lash StripsWhat Are LC Curl Lashes?

This lash curl is a super interesting and unique combination in its own right. The LC Curl is available only in our Chelsea Volume lash extensions range, this means that you will be able to create a lash set with a beautiful semi-matte finish for a natural look and feel. The LC Curl comes in 0.04, 0.05 and 0.07 thicknesses, which means it’s perfect for volume and mega volume lash extensions.

So why is this curl so unique? Compared to a C or L Curl, the LC is a combination of both with its own very unique lift. While the C Curl has a soft and natural upward trajectory, the L Curl has a flatter base with a swift upwards lift giving it a more dramatic effect. The LC Curl takes both of these unique features and combines them to create a lash with a flat base and a natural upwards lift towards the tip of the extension. This unusual mixture makes it the ideal choice for clients who would like a more natural look but require a little extra lift. 

How to Work With LC Curl Lashes

Since the LC Curl is only available in volume and mega volume extensions, this is a lash extension that will need to be used with expertise. For those Lash Techs only qualified in Classic lashes, a qualification in Volume lashes is essential before attempting to apply volume lashes for a client. This is a matter of safety, and is also a requirement for the vast majority of insurance providers, so be sure to check this if you’re tempted by volume lashes! 

While the LC Curl in 0.07 is great for 2D-5D volume lash fans, if you’re looking for more drama, the 0.04 and 0.05 extensions are amazing for volume fans of up to 12D. This means that you can create beautiful, fluffy and bold volume lashes with ease and of course, the drama that this curl provides.

Fanning Lash Extensions GIFA great suggestion for utilising these lash curls is to mix them in with a more natural curl such as C or CC. The LC Curl volume fans added to the outer corner of the clients lash set will create an amazing lift which is noticeable and unique, while still keeping a more natural feel than a standard L Curl, for example.

One perfect style to utilise these curls with is a Cat Eye lash map, which elongates the eyes by adding longer lengths toward the outer corners of the eyes. As you can see in the example below, we have used 6-13mm extensions, while mixing C and LC curls for this amazing Cat Eye effect which, thanks to the unique curl, won’t give clients with downward growing lashes a sad look to their eyes. It goes without saying that if you think a client will not suit a Cat Eye, even with the use of LC curls, that you should feel free to experiment with Squirrel or Dolly styles instead.

Cat Eye Lash Extensions Using C and LC Lash CurlsUltimately, these lash curls are one of many at your disposal, and are there for you anytime you wish to be creative with your lash extension application. Mixing LC Curl with your usual lash extension curls can be an exciting way to create a very unique lash set with extra drama and lift, while providing a natural appearance at the same time.