Create Catchy Online Content & Capture Attention!

Manoeuvring through the social media world can be tricky, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd in such a saturated market as the beauty industry and eyelash extensions. Every successful Lash Artist has started from the ground up, and everyone’s journey is different. We never encourage Lash Techs to judge their own progression based on how others are doing, so we’re here to help and give you some ideas on how you can elevate and spice up your social media presence, taking you to the next level.

Before and After Photos

One of the oldest trends when it comes to showing off your skills on social media, but it’s also one of most effective and satisfying for potential clients. The engagement on such photos is what makes it one of those timeless trends. Before and After photos can very easily and effectively show off your skills without complicating your content creation. Remember to not edit your photos too much, and there’s no need to add filters. With good beauty lighting, your stunning eyelash extensions should stand out on their own.

Take a look at this example of a great before and after image from which shows off the incredible transformation of the clients’ eyelashes. 

Before and After Photos of Eyelash Extensions on ModelVideo Transformations

A video post can be anything, think before and after transformation, ‘Day in the life of a Lash Tech’, or even a time lapse of your application process. Sharing a full, sped up video of your treatment start to finish or even an edited version of the key moments of your process can be an effective tool for potential clients to see your skills in action. Not only that, but for those who have never had extensions before but really want to experience this beauty treatment, it can show them exactly what to expect. 

As you may already know, our @London_Lash_EU Instagram and Facebook pages are abundant with incredible transformation videos which we’re proud to share, showing off our in-house Lash Artists and their skills. If you’re looking for lash inspiration and education, make sure to follow our page and become inspired with the type of content you too can create for your followers.

Educational Content

Debunk common myths about lash extensions or show off your process and advise your clients on the correct aftercare routine. This type of content creation is for those Lash Artists who truly know the ins-and-outs of their craft. Educating potential clients or budding Lash Techs is an important aspect of growth in our industry, take it from us! 

Educational content can range from imagery which you can post in slides and discuss key points of your process, or of course a fully edited video. For those confident enough to speak on camera to their audience, this can be an incredible tool to grow your profile for potential clients or Lash Artists to find you and stick around for your insider tips and tricks.

Education is not only important for the sake of showing off the process of lash extension application, it can also be a great way to discuss the importance of eyelash health and aftercare. Lash extension aftercare is often forgotten, especially in the social media sphere, but it’s one of the things that makes or breaks the retention of your clients’ eyelashes. After all, your reputation should not only be in the application, but in the advice you give your client on how to maintain their lashes after they leave your salon. Education has always played a huge part in the London Lash ethos, so we encourage well researched, experienced and quality education from other artists out there.

Spicing Up Your Content Quality

You may be wondering after all this advice where to begin when it comes to quality content. Crisp imagery and clear videos are the backbone of having a social media profile which stands out. No one wants to watch a video if they can’t see the details of your process in good lighting, and no one will double tap your images if they’re blurry or dark. 

Glamcor LED Lighting is the industry go-to for incredible and reliable beauty lamps, you won’t go wrong with the wide range of choices to pick from. Glamcor lighting will elevate your process when you’re performing a lash treatment as it will allow you to see every single detail of your clients’ eyelashes, but it will also double up as the ideal tool to capture perfectly lit social media content. Take a look at our blog post on Why You Should Invest in Glamcor Lighting for a full deep dive into our full range available.

If you’re on the hunt for a more compact light that also has the benefit of a range of colour tones, brightness levels, and warmth options, look no further than our LED Light. Make your work really stand out from the crowd by matching the colour of your light to your branding colours, and get the perfect lighting every single time to really show off your skill set.

GIF of Glamcor Elite X LED

Investing in good equipment is important, but we understand that not everyone is able, especially as a beginner. So, this is why the Macro Clip-On Phone Lens is one of the best gadgets to turn your everyday phone camera into professional photography equipment.

Have you ever looked at our Instagram page and wondered how we capture such crisp and detailed closeup content? Well, it’s no magic, it’s simply the incredible Clip-On Lens which we’ve discussed in greater detail in this blog post: The Benefits of Using a Macro Clip On Phone Lens. A clip-on lens is just one more way to get innovative, interesting lash shots that are as satisfying as they are eye catching!

GIF Of Clip On Phone Lens Being Used

So for those who are seeking inspiration to take their social media game to the next level, we hope our advice will go a long way. After all, we’re not here to compete, we’re here to uplift the lash community and Lash Artists such as yourselves. We hope you go out there and grow your brand with exceptional content with your new content ideas. For an in depth discussion on How to Grow Your Lash Business on Instagram, read this blog next.