How to Create the Hottest New Trend: Arrow Style Lashes

With Summer fast approaching, lash lovers will be looking for the newest and hottest trends of the year. Which is why we’re here to introduce you to Arrow Style Lashes, a sleek, chic and fierce eyelash style which will satisfy any client who desires a poignant and uplifting look for their lashes. Similar to the effect created by eyeliner, this eyelash set will give the appearance of a gorgeous Cat Eye, making it ideal for those clients who want to minimise their makeup in 2024 and accentuate their natural features. However, if you have clients who love drama, then the versatility of Arrow Style Lashes will also be perfect for them as they pair amazingly with bold makeup looks that will turn heads wherever they go. 

Arrow Style Eyelash Extensions on ModelWhat Are Arrow Style Eyelash Extensions?

Similar to an Extreme Cat Eye, this lash style is up and coming in the world of lashes, creating a lifted appearance for your client’s eyes at the outer corners. This trend is taking over, following a very unique ‘arrow-like’ design which points upwards and utilises eyelash curls such as M, L and Extreme L lashes. This style elongates and uplifts the eyes, making them perfect for clients with narrow eyes or those with almond shaped eyes. They’ll also be a great choice for your clients with monolid, round, or downturned eyes too.

But remember, just like with any eyelash extension consultation, it’s important to communicate with your clients and examine their eyes, as the elongated effect created by Arrow Style Lashes may not be suitable for them and can actually make their eyes seem further apart if they have wide-set eyes. For more information on how to choose the perfect lash styles for different eye shapes, you check out our blog post here.

Creating an Arrow Style Lash Set

Let's dive into the technique for achieving this stunning lash style. Begin by mapping out the style on your clients’ Eyepatches, dividing the lash line into five equal sections, starting with the shortest lashes at the inner corners of the eyes and gradually increasing in length towards the outer corners as illustrated in the lash map below, until you reach the fifth and final section. Within this last section, divide it further into eight smaller sections. Within this final section is where you'll craft the distinctive V-shaped pattern of Arrow Lashes. Gradually increase the lengths within these smaller sections until you reach the longest length you'll be using, then tapering the lengths again towards the very edge of the lash line, forming a shape reminiscent of a rainbow.

London Lash EU Map of Arrow Style Eyelash ExtensionsFor an added touch of drama, consider using Extreme L-Curl lashes for this final section, mixing curls can create a stunning and unique look for your clients’ lashes. These lashes offer the ideal lift to accentuate the arrow shape we're striving for. By following these steps, you'll masterfully design a set of Arrow Lashes guaranteed to captivate attention wherever your clients go.


When it comes to new eyelash extension styles, aftercare advice will always remain the same, with it being a top priority for extensions that last. To maintain these beautiful lashes, your clients should cleanse them daily using a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush, products that you can easily retail in your lash salon. It’s also important to provide them with the best advice on how to cleanse their lashes properly, and what better way than to send them off with an Aftercare Leaflet on how to implement a good aftercare routine? Finally, it’s never a bad idea to provide your clients with a disposable Mascara Wand at the end of their lash appointments to take home and brush their new eyelashes to keep them looking their best.

Mascara Wand Brushing Through Eyelash Extensions

So there you have it, a brand-new and exciting lash extension style you can offer to your clients this year. If you have followed our guide to create a gorgeous set of Arrow Style Lashes, we’d love to see them, so don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram - @London_Lash_EU so we can admire them.