Let's Discuss Suitable Eyelash Extension Styles for Men

The beauty trend of eyelash extensions is not just for the ladies. That’s right, the innovative and accentuating treatment has transcended, and is now more popular than ever. Whether your new clients are male or just on the more masculine presenting side, eyelash extensions offer a service fit for anyone. We have noticed a huge increase in people asking for “Suitable lash extension styles for men” for a long time, so we’re here today to show you the exclusive London Lash maps you can adapt to offer to your male and masculine clients who want to add to their lash beauty with subtlety. 

Lash Extensions on Male ModelLashes for Men

It’s important to note that what a male client may desire as an outcome of their lashes is likely to be different to your usual female and feminine clientele. A typically feminine lash extensions style is not necessarily going to appeal in the same way, and it may leave your new client base disappointed. It’s important to conduct thorough consultations with your clients to understand their vision and wants before you offer a professional opinion and service. Read all about successful lash consultations in our blog post here.

It’s worth adding here that a more feminine lash set will have the option of Classic and Volume lashes, which of course all depends on the desired volume, density and style your client wants. Typically a voluminous eyelash extensions set gives a very feminine feel with a bold impact. For male or more masculine clients who want to simply accentuate their eyelashes, consider finer Classic lashes such as 0.10 or even 0.07 when following these lash style suggestions today. 

Lighter extensions will not overwhelm your client, especially with density, weight and style which Volume lashes provide. Classic lash extensions will give a more subtle and natural appearance which, for a beginner getting into extensions will be a nice gateway to experiencing wearing them for the first time. Of course, always consult with your client and understand their desired boldness and density. Check out our blog post ‘Can Men Wear Lash Extensions’ for more information.

Lash Maps

To help give you some ideas as to what kinds of styles you can use for your masculine clients, we’ve tweaked a couple of our regular lash maps. These can, of course, be used for anyone who’d prefer a very subtle look, and your male clients may even prefer a stand out look like an Arrow Map. Never assume, simply listen to their wishes and provide options. 

Natural Style 

A good option for someone who desires just a subtle accentuation to their lash line is a Natural Style; so called as it follows the natural growth of the lashes. 

Using extensions in 5 - 9mm, you’ll be providing just enough to show off the natural beauty of your client’s eyelashes without drawing too much attention. 

Following our map below, take your Mapping Pen and mark the shortest lengths in the inner corner building up to the longest lengths on the last third of your client’s lash line. 

To achieve a beautiful subtle arch, drop down by 1mm at a time in the last third of the lash line leading to the outer corner. And there you go, the perfect Natural Style lashes which highlights the beauty of your client’s lashes in a subtle way.

Natural Style Lash Map for MenSquirrel Style

Let’s take it a step further with a Squirrel style lash map. As you can see, the lengths on this map are shorter than you’d typically used for a more feminine set. 

This is not to say that masculine clients will never want longer lashes, but if someone is looking for a subtle look, using the usual 8 - 13mm lash map would be overwhelming to them. Always be sure to carry out a thorough consultation to be sure exactly the look they are going for. 

Using extensions ranging between 4 - 10mm, begin by lashing the inner corners with the shortest extensions and build up 1mm at a time to the last third of your client’s lash line in a similar way to the Natural Style. You’ll notice that you’re building up by 1mm at much closer intervals with this map and are placing the longer section further along the eye-line. This means that the increase in length is more noticeable and gives the lashes more of an arch, in turn giving the eyes more lift (as long as you’re using the right curl for the client). 

Once you’ve reached the last third of the lash line, drop down 1mm at a time to the outer corner, again here you can see the swift drop in length makes the arch more pronounced, creating that distinct Squirrel style arch. 

As these lash extensions are shorter in length, it won’t create a super dramatic lash style, but will create a slightly different shape which is ideal for clients whose eyes are a little closer together.

Squirrel Lash Extensions Map for MenKen Dolly Style 

You’ve heard of Dolly style lash extensions, well welcome its new sidekick, Ken Dolly. Of course, we had to be a little playful with the name and while Dolly and Barbie Lashes exist, we want your male clients to have a fun time with their lash styles too. After all, lash extensions for more masculine clients are not just about what's more natural or subtle, it can be playful too. 

Ken Dolly Style, like its more feminine counterpart, is a good choice if a client has a wide set of eyes and wants to create the illusion of the eyes being closer together. 

Start by marking the inner and outer corner lashes, and then dividing the lash line in half. A Ken Dolly is about symmetry, so anything you do toward the inner corner needs to match what you do toward the outer corner. 

When you’ve marked the inner, outer, and middle, make a mark in the middle of each of these segments. These form the edges of your middle section where your longest length will be.

Divide the remaining sections in half again, and then each of those sections in half. Now write on your lengths with 9mm lashes in the middle section, and drop down 1mm in each section so that you end on 5mm in the inner and outer corners. 

Ken Dolly Lash Extensions Style for MenAftercare

Before we wrap things up, we cannot leave without mentioning the all important aftercare routine. Don’t forget to provide your new clients with an Aftercare Leaflet and the option to purchase a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush to prolong the life of their amazing new extensions, and to keep their lashes and their eyes healthy and happy. Aftercare, regardless of gender, age or skin colour is very important. Always be as thorough as possible and make sure all your clients leave your salon well informed and equipped to take care of your hard work, their new lash extensions.