Let's Talk Fiber Tip Tweezers

All Lash Artists will know that keeping your Tweezers clean and hygienic from customer to customer is not only good practice, but also is imperative if you want a reputable business which follows guidelines and laws that require disinfection and sanitisation. Additionally, when you get lash extension glue on the tips of your tweezers, it’s important to remove the glue so that your tweezers work properly. 

When it comes to our innovative Fiber Tip Tweezers, it can be a little tricky and difficult to get rid of any cured glue which has made its way onto your them, due to the hex-texture grip that gives these lash tweezers their name. Here’s what you need to do to get those helpful Tweezers back to their shiny and perfect condition.

Mega Volume Fiber Tip TweezersHygiene 

Having clean tools is as important, if not more-so, as having a clean workspace or lash salon, if you work in a beauty parlour or you’re a mobile Lash Artist, keeping up with cleanliness is a priority. Check out our dedicated blog on Keeping Your Lash Extensions Salon Clean and Hygienic for all the tips and details. Furthermore, having clean tools from client to client is not only an industry standard which the client will expect, it is also a requirement to have a functioning business. Depending on your European location, you may need to completely sterilise your tools between clients by law, so you should never skip out on cleanliness practices.

Fiber Tip Tweezers

As those of you who know our range of Fiber Tip Tweezers will know, the innovative and helpful hex grid on the inner tips of the tweezers gives you better grip on a lash extension, making it easier to pick them up without fear of dropping them. This is especially helpful when you’ve created a beautiful lash fan by hand and you don’t want to drop and ruin it when you pick it up from the Lash Palette to dip into your Lash Glue. The hex grip on Fiber Tip Tweezers will help you hold onto any lash without trouble.

Mega Volume Fiber Tip Tweezers in GoldAs well as providing a stronger grip, the textured tips of the Fiber Tip Tweezers can make cleaning them a little bit trickier than cleaning your regular lash tweezers, which you can read more about in this article. Fiber Tip Tweezers are of course created with divots which make up the iconic hex grip. While these grooves will make picking up lash fans easier than ever, they do also make the tweezers harder to clean, especially where cured glue is concerned.

Cleaning Methods

The easiest way to clean your Fiber Tip Tweezers is to use our Glue Remover for Tweezers which you can get alone, or as a bundle with a pair of Fiber Tip Tweezers of your choice. The Glue Remover works incredibly fast to break down all the cured lash glue by reactivating it, and the sponge balls in the bottle clean the residue off of the tweezer tips, buffing them clean. Since the hex grip on these tweezers has grooves and a generally rougher texture than regular lash tweezers, the glue is a little bit more stubborn to remove, which means you’ll need to soak your tweezers in the solution for a few minutes before attempting removal. You can repeat the process again to get rid of any leftover glue inside the divots if there is any still present.

How to Clean Your Fiber Tip Lash TweezersAnother way to remove eyelash glue if you’re fresh out of Glue Remover for Tweezers is to use Gel Remover. While this product is intended for removing lash extensions, in an emergency, the Gel Remover in your lash kit is a versatile investment. Add a drop to a cotton pad and wrap it around the tips of your tweezers, then let them sit for a few minutes as the adhesive begins to break down. Use a clean cotton pad or tissue to wipe away excess glue and repeat the process if necessary. When the glue is removed, make sure to disinfect them, and sterilise if necessary. Check out our blog on Hacks Using Items In Your Lash Kit for more information.


Storing your tweezers properly is important, whether they’re regular or Fiber Tip. A Magnetic Tweezer Case or Tweezer Holder is the perfect storage solution for when you have removed all adhesive, disinfected and sanitised your tweezers, and let them air dry. Making sure your tweezers are dry before putting them into a case is important as you don’t want the metal to tarnish. Clean, hygienic and sanitised tools time after time mean that you and your clients can rest assured they are getting the best possible outcome with your amazing lash extensions services.