Three Halloween Themed Lashes Inspired By Iconic Villain Characters

The spooky season is finally here, so we have come up with some iconic designs you can offer your clients this Halloween with lash maps inspired by some of Disney’s most iconic villains. Whether your clients are dressing up as these characters for Halloween or simply want something dark and in theme of the season for their lash set, our brand new eyelash extension styles are about to be the eye-catching moment for any lash lover out there. 

🐶 Cruel Cruella

This stunning lash map is inspired by what the American Film Institute described as one of the ‘100 Greatest Heroes and Villains’ of all time. Not only is Cruella an iconic character but she is also stylish and chic, this is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this stunningly sophisticated design. Famous for her monochromatic looks featuring Black, White and Red, our design is no different. Featuring this instantly recognisable colour palette our Cruella inspired design will grab the attention of any Halloween lover and if by chance your client is dressing up as Cruella for Halloween, this lash set will accentuate their look tenfold.

To achieve the Cruella lash set you will be following a Squirrel style lash map using Volume lashes. This will create a flattering open eye look and compliment the design of the lash set perfectly. You will need Red, White and Black lash extensions, while you can use your regular carbon black Lash Glue for the black part of the eyelashes, we suggest using Crystal Bond clear adhesive for the red and white extensions, or any coloured lashes for that matter.

Cruella De Vil Inspired Halloween Lash Map

To execute this lash map effectively, it's essential to mark the midpoint of the eyes, delineating where the black and white lash extensions will be placed, ensuring a symmetrical look. Similar to spacing intermittent lash spikes, evenly position the red lash spikes along the lower lash line to enhance definition and visibility without overwhelming the overall look. We recommend starting with the red lashes as the first layer to complete the lower lashes, allowing you to then proceed with the white and black extensions. Apply the white lash extensions from the centre to the outer corner of the eye, while the black lashes should be affixed from the centre towards the inner corner of the eye.

PRO TIP - If your client has a close set of eyes, it could be worth switching around the black and white lashes to create the illusion of the eyes being closer together.

🧜🏽‍♀️ Sinister Ursula

The most evil of all sea witches, Ursula is a character well known for her dark and sinister ways, an iconic character of cinema, Ursula is not for the faint of heart. Our lash design inspired by Ursula follows a Manga Lashes style which features spikes inspired by and resembling Ursula’s tentacles making this lash set instantly recognisable and fierce, but cute enough to wear on a daily basis without it feeling too overstated. You will need 0.05 Mega Volume Lashes in Chelsea or Mayfair, and Purple Coloured Lashes to create the famed tentacle inspired lash spikes. Read more about Manga Lashes here

The steps for creating this spiky lash look are as follows:

Upper Layer: This is where the real magic happens. Start by creating a bold central spike in the middle of the eyelash set, and surround it with smaller spikes. These spikes should be more visible and make the eyes really stand out. Remember to leave some space between them; they're not like our usual wispy lashes. For this top layer, use your Purple coloured lashes as individual spikes, and 0.05 lashes as closed fans starting at 10mm (from the inner corner) and going up to 14mm in the centre. Then taper down to 10mm as you reach the outer corner.

Middle Layer: Think of this as the supportive layer. Use 0.05 closed fans ranging from 8mm to 12mm. Place them like you did in the upper layer to give those stunning spikes the support they need. The shorter lengths add depth and contrast.

Bottom Layer: Here, we want softness for more contrast. Create 0.05 short wispy fans, ranging from 6mm to 10mm. These delicate lashes create a light base, balancing our lash look perfectly.

Ursula the Sea Witch Inspired Lash Map

PRO TIP - Why not create an even bolder and more sinister look by adding glitter to the Purple lash spikes? The touch of drama will accentuate the client’s eyes even more and the glittery specs will catch the light in every turn. Read more about creating glitter eyelashes here.

🧙🏼‍♀️ Menacing Maleficent

This 1959 legend has graced our screens for generations and in many different iterations. Maleficent is the quintessential villain, so what better way to complement her legendary infamy than with a legendary lash map. Using the Cat Eye style, you will create a stunningly fierce lash set suitable for any Maleficent fan out there. For a bewitching look, you will need Dark Purple and Emerald Green coloured eyelash extensions which are bound to create the most spellbinding of looks. If your client’s eyes are unsuited for Cat Eye opt in for the complimentary Squirrel map instead. Take a look at which eye shapes suit which lash styles here

To enchant this eyelash design and really bring it to life, first pinpoint the centre of the eye to ensure symmetry for both eyes. The segments near the inner corner should be broader than those at the outer edge to enhance the elongated and fierce look. Divide the last section of the outer edge into three uniform portions for a graceful sweep towards the eye's outer corner. This sweeping detail is the ideal spot to introduce the splash of the coloured extensions we referenced earlier, giving the lashes a mesmerising allure.

Maleficent Inspired Lash Map by London Lash

No matter if your clients are dressing up for a festive Halloween party or simply want to get into the spirit of the season, our alluring and villainous lash styles are bound to bring some magic to any lash look. Bringing Halloween to your lash salon is always a great idea as offering custom and exclusive lash sets for festive occasions is always going to create buzz and bring attention not only to your beauty studio, but will show off your skills and creativity. So go out there and create some spooky eyelashes.