Lash Extensions Aftercare Tips for This Autumn Season

The cosy and cool Autumnal season is upon us, which means fluffy layers, warm fires and hot drinks as we watch the leaves fall gently outside. Whilst the season changes and we prepare for Winter, many will experience a drop in temperature and humidity and therefore begin changing things like their skincare regimens. However, it’s not only our skin that we must look after with this change in weather, but also our precious lashes too. So what are some ways our clients can protect their eyelash extensions from the elements? And what aftercare routines should they be using during the Autumnal season? Let’s discuss how to take care of lashes during Autumn.

Skin Care 

One of the biggest factors to keep in mind during the Autumnal season, is that clients will begin using different skincare compared to the Summer months. As the weather gets colder, the air becomes drier, therefore your client may begin using moisturisers more often, or use a different formula moisturiser which is thicker or heavier in consistency. Using a moisturiser that is oil-based can affect the lash glue used on your client’s eyelash extensions. Oil and lash adhesive can be a recipe for disaster, not only will the oil cling to the lash glue, but it will attract everything else with it, from dirt to make up and other natural oils. This can create a very messy, clumpy and dirty appearance which we must make sure is cleaned daily using a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush. After the lashes have been cleansed thoroughly, they’ll then need to use a Mascara Wand to brush through the lashes. In rare cases, these oils can break down the lash glue, when you perform a Pretreatment on your client you are using products which remove all oils and dirt, so if a moisturiser reintroduces excess oils it can cause premature shedding of the lash extensions by weakening the bonds. For best practises advice for oil-free moisturisers to be used.

Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush in Autumnal Theme

P.S. - Your clients may feel tempted to rub their eyes excessively if their skin or eyes become drier during this season. This is potentially why they may choose a heavier moisturiser which of course, is understandable. If your client experiences dry or itchy skin, they can affect their glue bonds and prematurely pluck any lashes if they rub their eyes excessively, therefore it’s important that you advise them against this potential lash threat.

Protect Those Lashes From The Elements

Wind, rain and dust are a few of the factors which end up costing the longevity and retention of your client’s eyelashes during the Autumnal season. As the weather changes, conditions may become more windy and thus picking up dust and dirt which unfortunately can build up around the eyes. After all, eyelashes are there to protect our eyes from dust and other debris, therefore during a windy period not only are the lash extensions becoming strained under windy conditions, but they’re also swarmed by dust particles and debris, which of course need to be cleansed to preserve the health of the lashes. And of course, the excess moisture of rain. Notorious for its rainy weather, Autumn can be a really wet season for many countries, so protecting lash extensions from this is important, especially after a lash appointment. Carrying an emergency umbrella would be a great idea, but also wearing glasses in the wind and rain can be a good last minute solution when it comes to quick and simple lash extension protection from the elements.


With temperatures dropping, your clients may want to turn up the heat in their homes. But one thing you should advise your clients of is that heat can suck up the moisture from the air, resulting in the glue bonds becoming brittle in these drier conditions and even shed prematurely. Therefore, a humidifier is a great little must-have for these drier conditions. Clients will be able to add back some much needed moisture to the air of their living spaces while their heating systems are on. This helps to promote the retention of the eyelash extensions and will result in strong lash glue bonds that last longer.

On the other hand, during this cosy and comforting season, your clients may want to sit in front of a fire to warm up. Sitting close to a fire for prolonged periods of time can result in the glue bonds becoming weaker, again due to the lack of moisture and therefore retention may be compromised. To avoid this, just advise your clients to sit a little further away from their fireplace and closer to the humidifier in their living space.

Friends Toasting Marshmallows In front of Fire

P.S. - Heat can come from different sources. When it comes to lash extensions advise clients not to expose their new fluffy lashes to direct heat from steam rooms, spas, super hot showers or hair dryers. While it is nice and warm to have the comfort of these Autumn favourites, they’re not lash-friendly so avoiding any direct contact is best for great lash retention.


A great way to promote good Autumnal lash aftercare is regular eyelash extension infills. For many reasons retention may be shorter during this season, some due to the factors we have mentioned above, therefore your client is probably best suited for regular infill sessions. After all, as a professional Lash Artist, you can assess the situation when your client returns for an infill, advising them on what may have been the issue and consult with your client about the measures we have mentioned today. However, it’s important to remember that Autumnal lash shedding is real and sometimes due to the client’s natural hair growth cycle, you can read more about it  here. So the best solution is for your clients to come in for regular infills to keep those eyelashes full and healthy.

London Lash Infill Infographic

So there you have it, our best tips for your clients this Autumnal season for the ideal lash extension aftercare. After all, you will meet many clients this season, so knowing how to fix a problem or advising your clients on how to retain good lash longevity can be the saving grace for their lash extensions.