The Complete Lowdown on Easy Fanning Lashes and Premade Fans

Every time you search for London Lash Premade Fans you may see different types of lash extensions popping up, and you may be wondering what the differences between each type are. Are Mayfair Premade Fans the same as Easy Fanning Lashes? Are Easy Fanning Lashes really an easier version of volume lash extensions? Or is there a hidden secret which you need to find out on your own? Don’t worry, we’re here to help and give you all the information you need to pick out the perfect tray for you to make your job as a Lash Artist easier, and to help you understand the techniques and looks you can create with each type to suit a wide variety of clients.

What are Premade Fans?

These lash fans go way back, instead of spending time creating volume lash fans from scratch, the lash extension world created what seemed at the time to be an innovative lash extension, but Premade Fans used to be a very ‘clunky’ and heavy product reminiscent of cluster lashes and over time, they gained a less than favourable reputation. Since then, thankfully, premade volume fans have developed a lot. At London Lash, we decided to produce some of the best Premade Fans and give them a better reputation than ever before. Just like all of our regular Eyelash Extensions, our Premade Fans are vegan, cruelty free, hypoallergenic and most importantly, lightweight and safe for use on the vast majority of clients’ lashes. We created Premade Lash Fans to be user friendly for  Lash Techs of all experience levels, allowing them to be able to use these lash extensions in the same way they would if they were creating handmade lash fans from scratch, only faster.

London Lash Mayfair Premade Fans

What are Easy Fanning Lashes?

Now let’s quickly go over Easy Fanning Lash Extensions. Simply put, they are a version of a volume lash extension, but are not quite used in the same way, and produce a bit of a different look. Just like their cousins Premade Fans, Easy Fanning Lashes came into the eyelash world with a bit of a bad rep. Here at London Lash we always strive for quality and develop products with Lash Techs in mind, so we wanted to create the best Easy Fan Lashes. Our version of these eyelash extensions feature multiple layers of lashes on each strip which push each other to the side as you grip them with your tweezers, and they ‘fan out’ easily, hence the name. Just to be sure you can get the exact looks you’re hoping to, we developed two types – Regular, and Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes. The regular version has a shiny finish with three lengths on each strip to give texture, while Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes are semi-matte, and have two lengths on each strip to give you a much more wispy volume lash set.

Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes Collection

Eyelash Looks Can You Create

We receive many questions asking us how to use Easy Fanning Lashes or Premade Fans and which one is best for which look? With Premade Fans you are generally going to achieve an even topline similar to Russian Volume Lashes as the lengths on Premade Fans are even. We have a wide range of fan sizes, from 3D Premade Fans all the way to 6D Premade Fans, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to creating volume lash extension looks depending on the desired density. For more information about Volume Eyelashes, check out this blog post.

Volume Lashes Using Mayfair Premade Volume Fans

Easy Fanning Lashes have different lengths on each strip, so you will achieve more texture by using these lash extensions. They are perfect for a wispy eyelash set by nature – our Regular version has three lengths which are each 1 mm apart, so they give quite a lot of texture and density, while Camellia lashes have two lengths which are 2 mm apart, so naturally achieve a very wispy volume on top, and lots of density on the bottom.

Wispy Lash Set Using Easy Fanning Lashes

On average, Easy Fanning Lashes will reduce your volume sets by around a third, and Premades can halve your treatment time, but just to ensure you have enough time the first few times you use them, book your clients in for the same time as you normally would for a volume set and see how much time you’re left with. It’s better to have time left over for ‘stickie’ checks and lash photos, than to feel rushed.

Can Beginners Use These Lash Extensions?

In theory, absolutely. But, let’s just discuss this a little bit more. We don’t want beginners to feel pressured to purchase or use products they’re not familiar with. Furthermore, many beginners may be performing Classic lash extensions to start off with. Unless you have completed a Volume Lashes Course, it’s best to complete some more education and do a little more research before using lashes you’re unfamiliar with. Depending on your location around Europe, it’s best to check with your insurance company before you offer Volume Lashes to customers, especially if you’re only certified in Classic lashes, as your insurance provider may not cover you for volume lashes if they see it as a separate treatment to classic lash extensions.

With Easy Fanning Lashes we advise that you’re very familiar with Volume lashes techniques and safety before you begin using these lash extensions. We want all of our customers to be confident and comfortable in their skills and experience and it is imperative that you know how to create handmade lash fans before using these products. Not only will you feel accomplished as those fans come to life, but it will develop your skills exponentially in addition to ensuring the health of your client’s lashes. There may be a time when you run out of a Premade Fans tray and need to finish a client’s lash set, so you should always know how to create your own volume fans. Similarly, get to know how to create wispy volume lash looks yourself before you turn to lashes to do the work for you.


Having Premade or Easy Fanning Lashes is always handy for those Lash Artists who are experienced and working professionally. You may find yourself in a situation where a client is running late or wants a really quick infill treatment. Using Premade Fans is the perfect solution for this. They will give you the freedom to have more time, cutting your treatment time considerably, while Easy Fanning Lashes will add texture and definition to your client’s lashes in a hurry, leaving them with beautiful results.