Brow Henna Products for Beginners: Everything You Need

Either you’ve just completed your henna brows course and are ready to invest in your henna brow starter kit, or you’re thinking about booking a course and want to know what products you'll need in your kit. Either way, knowing exactly what you need from the get-go can be a little confusing. We are huge advocates for only starting with the basics to avoid being overwhelmed. There’s no point starting by purchasing every brow henna product on the market, especially as a beginner Brow Tech, as it can be a lot to process and a large investment.

So Henna brow henna products for henna brows

Henna Brow Starter Kit

We always recommend purchasing a So Henna brow kit, as they often work out much cheaper than buying all the products individually. The So Henna starter kit is tailored specifically for beginners and only includes essential items you need when you’re starting your career as a Brow Technician. But whether you decide to buy a henna brow starter kit or not, it’s still good to know what products are in it and what we at So Henna advise you should get your hands on. 

Brow Henna

Of course, the first thing you’re going to need in your brow henna kit is, you guessed it… brow henna powder! It’s important to have a range of shades that ensure you can cater to all clients of different hair colours and skin tones. The beauty of So Henna shades is that you can mix them, so if you don’t want to splash out on every shade, you can always choose 3 or 4 staple colours that you can mix to create the perfect shade for each client. See our colour chart here for more details.

So Henna brow henna powder for henna brows treatments

Pretreatment and Aftercare

This one is often overlooked but can make or break your brow henna results! Ideally, you should use a Foam Cleanser to thoroughly clean the brow area before a So Henna treatment. Applying henna brow products to unclean skin and hair will mean there is a barrier from impurities such as dirt, oils or makeup, therefore the henna won’t stain the hair or skin properly, or, the staining won’t last as long as it should. If your client has particularly dry or oily skin, you could also use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the brows to ensure you have the perfect surface for the henna to adhere to.

Hair Removal

Usually, as a So Henna Brow Artist, you will be doing some form of hair removal during your treatment. You may wax, pluck or thread the brows depending on what you prefer and what your client needs - you may even use all of these methods! So make sure you either have So Henna gentle brow wax and a wax heater, or brow thread in your henna brow kit. If you’re unsure of which hair removal technique to go with, check out this guide.

Brow Mapping

In your henna brows course, you’ll probably have learnt about brow mapping. To achieve brow transformations that your clients will love, it’s important to map out the brows - it’s your plan of action. There are a few different tools you can use for this;

Brow Calipers - The So Henna Caliper is a measuring tool that helps you to create a bespoke shape for each and every client. It’s very easy to use and can measure the perfect brow length, arch point and thickness.

Golden Ratio Divider - The So Henna Golden Ratio Divider is a slightly more advanced tool that allows you to measure the perfect proportions for each customer’s brows. The Golden ratio is a mathematical formula that we use tomeasure each eyebrow, the distance between them, and their relationship to the rest of the face.

Brow Mapping Paste - Regardless of which tool you use, it’s a good idea to have a product that helps you mark out the area you want to work within. Our White Mapping Paste is used to draw those perfectly calculated measurements onto the skin, to ensure the brow henna is applied only to the desired area - henna powder starts to stain very quickly!

Brow mapping for henna brows


Last but not least, you’ll need a few different tools and accessories in your henna brow kit. 

Mixing Tool- The first thing to think about is how you’re going to mix your henna. You can mix the henna powder using mixing sticks, however, this is not the most efficient or effective way. With brow henna, it’s extremely important that the formula is thoroughly mixed and the consistency is perfect, otherwise, you won’t get the desired results. We recommend using the So Henna mixing tool which is a battery-operated device ensuring you get that perfect honey-like consistency. 

The perfect So Henna brow henna consistency

Mixing Dish -This one is simple but you need a glass dish to mix your So Henna powder and water in. It’s always worth knowing that using a metal dish to mix your henna powder in can cause a chemical reaction which alters the colour and quality of the mixture.

Brushes -Application brushes come in a few different shapes and sizes and it’s completely up to personal preference which one you use! For the brow henna application, the best brow brush to use is an angled brush, and for White Brow Mapping Paste, a flat, straight brush is going to be the best option.

Building your henna brow starter kit doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Henna brows are one of those treatments where you can actually get started pretty quickly with just a few of the right products. As we mentioned, the best way to make sure you’ve got all the necessary products at the best possible price is to purchase a henna brow kit. This way you know you’ve got everything that the professionals recommend! If you need any help with any of these products, just send us a DM on @sohenna_official.