Giving You Some Inspiration For Your Lash Kit

When it comes to lash extensions supplies, we have everything you might need at every stage of your lash career, from practice items for beginners to Lash Glues for the most experienced Lash Techs. What this variety of products means is that you have options as you develop your skills throughout your career. While we do have pre-assorted Lash Kits available for different skill levels, it can be really exciting for beginners, or even experienced Lash Techs to pick their products during their first purchase from London Lash. So, let’s discuss how you can create your own lash kit and what options are available among your lashing essentials.

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Lash Extensions

Of course, you may be wondering how to choose from our wide range of Lashes. It can be a daunting task, but typically a Lash Artist needs the best selling curl and thickness to begin with. We carry two main lines of extensions, Chelsea (semi-matte finish) and Mayfair (dark and shiny finish) eyelash extensions. Typically a good place to start is with a C or CC curl mixed length tray of Chelsea and / or Mayfair lashes in 0.10 - 0.15, as this will give you a good range of lengths and thicknesses to choose from, and the C or CC lash curls are complementary on a good array of clients.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to volume fans or more dense lash looks, we of course also carry Ellipse Flat Lashes (read about here), Mayfair Premade Fans and Easy Fanning Lashes (read about here).

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Eyelash Glue

Lash Techs are always in search of the best Lash Glue, and we understand – you want something tried and tested with great retention. What constitutes the best lash glue can differ from one lash technician to another, which is why we carry a large range of Eyelash Glues specifically for every skill level and working environments. From regular drying times, to fast drying glues and even a clear lash glue, we have developed a wide array of options to choose from. Our Glue Samples are perfect for Lash Artists trying to find their favourite lash glue or for those who only see one client per week or so as they are not then wasting the majority of a full-sized bottle, and we always suggest you check out our Glue Chart for the best fit for you. You can read all about the differences of our eyelash glues here and learn more about why we have so many options.

Don’t forget to pick up a Lash Remover for all removal services. Lash extension treatments don’t end at application and infills, you can always offer removals for your clients. Read all about DIY vs Professional removal here.

London Lash Complete Glue Collection


For beginners, we recommend Protein Removing Pads followed by Cleanser and Primer. These three products are the holy trinity for anyone learning how to clean natural lashes. 

Eventually, we advise that all Lash Artists to follow the thorough 5-Step Pretreatment routine which will cleanse and prep your client’s lashes for perfect end results with retention lasting for weeks, though we understand that this is a lot to purchase when you’re just starting out, and Booster in particular isn’t usually a product we typically recommend for beginners. 

Don’t forget to add Micro Fibre and Cleansing Brushes to your cart so you can perform your perfect pretreatment. You can read about a thorough lash extension pretreatment here.

5-Step Pretreatment Bundle for Lash Extensions


Speaking of brushes for Pretreatment, let’s discuss some of the other tools you’ll need. Of course, you will need your second pair of hands – Eyelash Tweezers. To some of you, your favourite pair of tweezers will feel like something you simply cannot be without, but for a lot of Lash Techs, finding a new pair of tweezers can be exciting, especially if you’re looking for a new tool to perform certain tasks. Check out this blog post on picking the right Tweezers if you’d like some tips and tricks on finding the best pair for you.

As noted, brushes are very important for Pretreatment and Aftercare, whether it is to clean the natural lashes, or to apply a little Superbonder after you’ve finished the lash set, Micro Fibre Brushes will be your go to tools for your liquid products. 

Lastly, let’s not forget about Eyepatches and Tape. To perform the best eyelash extensions treatments, you need to have the best Eyepatches and tape handy to get you through difficult situations. While Eyepatches are of course a necessity, tape can be a need in tricky moments, specifically if a client cannot close their eyes fully or you need to tape back pesky eyelashes getting in the way of your lashing. On the rare occasion that a client is allergic to eyepatches, or if you need a little help with keeping glue fumes out of your clients’ eyes if they  really  struggle to close them, you can opt for Foam Tape in place of Eyepatches.

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- Remember that some products come with expiration dates, for example lash adhesives will last you 4 - 6 weeks after opening. Always check the dates printed at the bottom of your product to make sure they’re usable. An unopened lash glue has a shelf life of 6 months from its date of production when stored correctly, so be sure to pay attention to this so that you don’t have unexpected issues with stringy glue. Stocking up on adhesives during Black Friday or other seasonal sales may not be the best idea if you’re not able to use all of the eyelash glue before it expires, so only buy as much as you will need.

- Finally, don’t neglect storage options – we have small items like Magnetic Tweezer Cases, to large Lash Kit Storage organisers. Keeping your eyelash extension kit tidy and organised is important, especially if you’re working professionally. Take a look at this blog post on accessories for Lash Techs if you’re looking for some inspiration.