Let's Discuss Mega Volume Lash Extensions

The trend of Mega Volume Lash Extensions, often referred to as Mega Russian Volume Lashes, is one that is as eye-catching as it is bold and fluffy. These lash extensions are for those clients who seek volume, density and drama. Of course, many questions arise from different lash trends – clients may often ask what is the difference between volume and Mega Volume lashes, whether Mega Volume lashes are dangerous due to their density and weight on the natural lashes, or how they can maintain such a voluminous lash set? So that you know how to help your clients, let us answer some of these questions.

What Are Mega Volume Lashes?

The fluffy Mega Volume Lashes trend has been around for a long time, this is where you add lash fans of 6D and above, compared to regular Volume Lashes which are 2 - 6D. In recent years it can be seen as a favourite for sprinting world class athletes such as Darryl Neita, Asha Philip and Sha’Carri Richardson. This interesting crossover between the beauty and the athletics world has been a recent revelation. Only in recent years have athletes begun to wear colourful hair, long painted nails and now, voluminous eyelash extensions – all of course for the entertainment of audiences and expressing their personalities on the track. Mega Volume Lashes have been around for a long time already, and have proven to be a long lasting trend in the lash world. Not only is it tried and tested but it is here to stay.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Are Mega Volume Lashes Dangerous?

The short answer is no, but of course there are exceptions. If the client has rather weak natural lashes you want to apply a lash extension which can be supported by the natural lash. The weight of the lash extension is important, especially when creating mega volume lash fans. Creating density without damage is paramount, so always assess the client’s natural lashes beforehand. Our Mayfair Mega Volume 0.03 lash extensions are perfect for clients with weaker lashes, for clients without this issue, using 0.04 - 0.05 Mega Volume Lashes in Mayfair or Chelsea will be perfectly fine. As long as you isolate lashes correctly and use your Mega Volume Lash Tweezers for perfect application then you should avoid any issues such as stickies or leaning lash fans.

Mega volume lash fans aren’t dangerous for the natural lashes. Whereas traditional classic lash extensions can be stiff and heavy due to excessive glue if not applied correctly, Mega Volume Lashes offer a soft, flexible alternative that adheres to only a small section of the natural lash. This allows for movement and longevity, as they're less prone to tugging or pulling. When applied correctly, mega volume lashes feel light and soft.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega Volume Lash Application

As noted, you will need your Mega Volume Lash Tweezers in order to create beautiful and fluffy lash fans up to 16D. Picking the lash extensions will be based on your choice and expertise, though we always suggest the suited Mega Volume extensions referenced above. With Mega Volume Lashes you can keep things simple and map your usual Squirrel, Dolly or Natural lash maps for stunning results, but feel free to experiment with other trending lash maps depending on what your client wants from their lash look. 

Mega Volume Hybrid Eyelash Map

We referenced American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who has wispy and spiky lashes to add texture to a mega volume lash set. Don’t be afraid to add lash spikes but make sure they do not overpower the look of the set or touch the client’s eyelid due to their length. 

Mega Volume Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to Lash Glue, do not use an excessive amount. Of course you will always be dipping in a way that will result in there not being too much glue on the base of the extension to avoid stickies, but it’s important to not dip your fan leg too fan into your glue drop as this will cause your gorgeous fluffy volume fans to close.

Taking Care of Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Once you have applied the lashes correctly, spend a good 10 minutes after the application checking for stickies, used Superbonder Sealant at the end of the treatment and brush through the lashes using a Mascara Wand for one last time, the client is good to go. But, of course, lash aftercare does not end there. You may be wondering whether Mega Volume Lashes, which are much denser than a Classic Lash Set, require the same aftercare, or something different or more complex? How is it that athletes can wear such lashes and perform rigorous exercise and competition without damaging the extensions as they run, sweat, and compete? This comes down to the twin factors of great application and correct aftercare. Using a daily Lash Shampoo with a Cleansing Brush will keep the lashes clean. With so much density, it’s easier for dirt and makeup residue to build up, so of course cleansing the lashes daily is a must. Your clients can also purchase Lash Shampoo to clean their lashes and a mascara wand for brushing through after cleansing. Daily brushing after a good, deep clean is a must to fluff up their lashes and put them back into the desired shape and position. 

Following our Aftercare Leaflet which you can give to your clients, it is worth noting that exercise such as running, cycling and so on, isn’t something that you need to avoid. In fact, if the client takes care of their lashes as they should, exercise will have no damaging effect on the longevity of their extensions or the health of their eyes. Simply advise them to wash their lashes after a sweaty gym session to get rid of any excess oils or dirt.


So there you go, a look into Mega Volume Lash Extensions. The longevity of these lashes has proven to be a tried and tested trend among lash lovers and the unexpected crossover into the sporting world. Mega Volume Lashes offer a bold and powerful statement for those who want to express themselves, whether that be on the track in front of thousands or to their close inner circle. These lashes are attention grabbing, fierce and dramatic, so go and make a statement.