Is the London Lash Glue Fresh?

We receive many questions on Eyelash Glue, especially:  "Is the lash glue fresh?"  or  "Is your Glue cheaper during Black Friday sales because it's expiring?"  the answers to these questions are very simple. Yes, our lash glue is always absolutely fresh and no, we never sell close to expiring adhesive. This is why we always give Lash Techs tips on how to purchase glue because it isn't a case of stocking up on ten bottles if you see a sale. Yes, this is a product we don't advise our clients to buy in bulk and let us explain why.

Eyelash Adhesive Expiration Date

So how fresh is the London Lash glue? Every 6 - 8 weeks we receive a fresh shipment of eyelash glue, which means that when you purchase a bottle of glue, it will last at least 4 months from its date of production (DOP).

London Lash Glue Date of Production

If you're a regular customer of London Lash products (Hello, if you're new) then you will know that during sale periods such as Spring or Summer Sales and Black Friday we have heavily discounted items, including Lash Glue. Due to these sales we need to have more glues in stock than we usually do, so, we arrange a lash glue delivery as close to the sale launch as possible. This is so that you can have as much time to use and love your glue as you possibly can.

What we do advise is that you don't stock up on more glue than you need to. What does this mean? Well, since this product has an expiration date, you will need to use it before it doesn't work the way it was intended to. Especially during eyelash extension treatments, you want the best retention for your client's lashes therefore the glue should perform perfectly. If you have stocked up on more glue than you tend to use, and you open up an expired bottle you will notice it has become gloopy or stringy.

We advise you buy as much glue as you need and store any unopened glue in a fridge (preferably in the pouch it arrives in). That way your glue will stay fresh for when you need it. Never store opened glue in the fridge as it can cause moisture and condensation inside the bottle and cure the glue prematurely. The perfect storage for lash glue is an Airtight Container which keeps any moisture out and your glue fresh. Read all about the Glue Container and glue storage here.

To check the date of production, you don’t need to look any further than the bottom of the bottle  - the date of production is stamped on the bottom of the bottle so that it’s super easy for us to rotate out any stock which doesn’t get sold (that’s extremely rare) and so that you can easily keep track of when your lash glue needs to be used by.

So, make sure you know how much glue you use up as a working Lash Artist and stock up on what is necessary within the 4 month expiration window. Each London Lash glue comes with a printed date of production on the bottom of the bottle so you will know when it needs to be used by. After you open a lash glue bottle, we always suggest you stick a little Tape on the bottle, writing the date you opened it so you can keep track on when you should use it by, you have around 6 - 8 weeks after opening to use the glue by. 

London Lash Glue Date of Production


- If you notice your glue has become gloopy or stringy around 6 - 8 weeks after opening it, then it's probably time to swap out for a new glue.

- Similarly, if the eyelash glue dot you're using on a Glue Stone during a lash treatment becomes stringy when you dip a lash extension into it, then you should swap out for a new glue dot.

- If you need to swap out for new glue dots regularly check if your glue is close to expiring, but, if it isn't make sure you shake your glue well before dispensing. On the other hand, you can use a Glue Shaker to mix all of your glue ingredients in half the time, making sure your lash glue is fully incorporated and working correctly.

Eyelash Glue Dot on Glue Stone