How to Avoid Running Out of Stock as a Lash Technician

Have you ever faced the challenge of running low on your eyelash supplies right when you're about to begin an appointment? Maybe you’ve thought "I’ll simply reorder later!"  or  "I've got plenty left for my client today… or at least I think so!".  Most of us have found ourselves in this situation, assuming that we can depend solely on our instincts or memory. However, experience suggests that this approach can lead to last-minute panics, which we all know is far from ideal in the precise world of lashing, right?

Picture this scenario: it’s a typical Monday morning. You’re ready to tackle the day's lash appointments. You see the Lash Glue you used last Friday and estimate that there’s still enough left for a few more days. You tell yourself,  "I’ll put in a new order later."  However, as your client settles in comfortably for their appointment, you clean and prep their lashes, carefully map out the lash design, only to realise that your eyelash adhesive has turned stringy, or even worse, it’s not dispensing at all.

What's the next course of action? Yes, you could rush to place an order, hoping it will arrive by the next day. But the reality is, this could mean having to rearrange appointments for several clients over the next few days. So, how do we elegantly sidestep this potential predicament? Here are our top tips, straight from our extensive eyelash industry experience.

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Tip 1 - Be Consistent with Inventory Management: Being a Lash Artist also means being an inventory manager. Familiarise yourself with your stock - how much lash glue do you use in a month? How many Lash Extensions do you typically need? Do you have enough Pretreatment products to last you for the week? At London Lash, we work hard to dispatch all orders as swiftly as possible using express shipping. However, it’s good to prepare for the occasional unexpected delay.

Also, remember to store your liquids properly, avoiding direct sunlight and keeping them as airtight as possible, especially the lash glue, our Airtight Container does this perfectly. Next time you reach into your storage and have a spare few minutes, conduct a quick inventory check. How many bottles do you have? How many have been opened? How long before they expire?

Tip 2 - Mark Your Liquids with Dates: Take note that lash glues have a shelf life and need to stay fresh. Each one of our eyelash extension glue bottles has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of production. This information is printed either on the bottle or on the pouch it comes in, so you don't have to do any guesswork. Once opened, it needs to be used within 2 months. You can keep your unopened eyelash glues (in the pouch) in a fridge before you need to open it. Once opened keep in the Airtight Container and never place in the fridge as it can affect the glue inside.

Here's a handy tip: every time you open a new bottle, attach a piece of tape and use your mapping pen to note down the date. Whether you note down the date you opened it or the date it should be replaced, this practice will help keep your supplies in check.

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Tip 3 - Plan and Prepare: Once you have a good grasp on how quickly you use each product, dedicate an hour or two each month to restock your supplies. Maintain a list of items in a spreadsheet or in your diary and refer to it when placing your monthly order.

Tip 4 - Be Cautious of Overstocking: Although planning ahead is essential, ensure that your planning reflects your actual usage. It might be tempting to order a surplus to last for months especially during a sale period, but this could result in an accumulation of products past their best before date. Overstocking doesn't just overburden your resources; it could also negatively impact your professional reputation.

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Remember, a successful Lash Technician is all about achieving a balance – creating beautiful lash transformations while effectively managing stock. Don’t let an unexpected shortage disrupt your work! With these tips, we hope you’ll maintain an efficient and stress-free work environment. Check websites such as WeThrift for exclusive London Lash codes to find amazing deals when restocking.