The most popular lash extension supplies in our store among Lash Techs just like you! If you want to shop safe in the knowledge that the products you're picking are tried, tested and loved all over the world, this is the collection for you! 


Power Bond – Quick to dry and giving incredible retention, Power Bond has been a Lash Tech favourite since the very beginning of London Lash!

Mayfair 0.07 Lashes – Our most popular lashes in the most popular thickness for volume lash looks! 

Eyelid Tape – Easy access to inner and outer corner lashes, and a game changer when it comes it keeps flickery eyes closed. These have quickly become a staple of so many Lash Techs' Lash Extension Kits 

Cream Remover – The safest way to remove lash extensions thanks to its easy-to-see colour and creamy texture that won't run into the eyes! 

Superbonder – Cure glue in an instant at the end of treatment, reducing the risk of glue fumes irritating the eyes and prolonging the life of your clients' lashes!

...& A few more all-time favourites!

Want to take a risk on some products we know you'll love? Check out our Underdogs collection!