Continue Your Education as a Lash Artist

The life of a Lash Artist is ever evolving. With new tools, techniques, trends and styles, the lash extensions world develops and changes as time goes on. So what does that mean for the everyday Lash Tech who enjoys performing their Classic lash sets, infills and removals? To grow as a business and a brand, evolution is important, and while change is sometimes scary and daunting, you should never be afraid to try something new and further your education in the lash industry.

Book New Lash Courses and Competitions

Being a working Lash Technician can feel like a lonely experience, especially if you work alone. The only interaction you get is from your clients who come in and out, and sometimes even fall asleep during treatments. Going to lash courses to learn a new technique is a great way to meet people and network with your industry colleagues. For example, you may be a technician who specialises in Classic lashes, so why not go to a course specifically for Volume lashes? Not only will you learn a new technique and offer a wider range of lash extensions for your clients, but you will also meet new people, gain insight from professionals in your field of expertise, and even build new friendships. For Lash Technicians who have no time to attend a course in person, we have developed the London Lash Online Russian Volume Lashes course to complete in your own time – while it might not bring you the same kind of networking opportunities as an in-person course, adding volume eyelash extensions to your repertoire means that you expand your pool of potential clients.

Educational Course from London Lash on Lash Extensions

Another way to network and educate yourself is by going to Lash Competitions. You can show off your skills and prove yourself to be a powerhouse in the industry, even if you don’t win, it’s an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge and make new friends. Competitions offer not only a day of fun and a chance to really challenge yourself, but it will remind you why your career is exciting and will help you to gain knowledge and priceless feedback from expert judges and renowned industry professionals.

Lash Courses and Competitions are two amazing ways you can get new ideas and educate yourself on techniques, tools or styles you haven’t attempted before. Yes, a course or a competition may be expensive to enter, but think of it as a long term investment, not only for your work and education but also for your networking too. And, needless to say, you will learn an abundance of new skills and techniques which you can offer to your clients in your salon, further expanding your clientele and growing your business. 

Grow Your Social Media Presence

We recently discussed how you can grow your business on Instagram in this blog post, but one thing which is important to take away from growing on social media is that not only are you educating your customers through your content, but you can use it as a free educational tool for yourself too.

You will come across countless trending hashtags for lash extensions, styles and even new recommendations like tools and products. You may even find out about a new lash curl you’ve always hoped would come to market. Social media is instant and free, therefore the world is at your fingertips. Building a community online can make your career feel a little bit more full of other lash loving technicians like yourself, especially if you work alone. Share tips, lash maps and recommendations, don’t be afraid to open up to new people in your community who are friendly and helpful, we want to see all of you succeeding. Follow us on Instagram @london_lash_EU for tips, tricks, lash hacks and recommended products to experience the lash community first hand.

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Try New Products

Educating yourself doesn’t solely need to be in a classroom or online. Take your real life work and clients as a way to further educate yourself while performing lash extensions. Simply put, explore products and educate yourself on the job – try our new Mega Volume Lash Tweezers or Easy Fanning Lashes, purchase that new Lash Glue you’ve always wanted to try, or add an extra pretreatment product to your routine to really up your retention game. Some products will work amazingly for you, saving you time and money in the long run, but while some products won’t make a huge difference to you specifically, it’s always good to take a risk every now and then by trying something new.

Practice and education comes hand in hand with actually using these products and tools on real people, so use it as an opportunity to help you develop your skills. We should note that you should always feel ready and confident before trying a new product such as a fast drying glue, make sure your skills are ready to handle such lash adhesives before you use them. Remember that just because another lash technician has ‘already’ moved onto a faster glue or a more involved lash prep routine, there’s no rule about when you have to move on, and you should only do it when you feel that it is the right time for you to do so.

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Read Our Blog Posts

Lastly, since you are here, you have found your way to the most welcoming part of the lash internet. Our blog posts are always written with you at the forefront. We are inspired by your stories, questions and journeys and we always want to see you get the absolute best out of our products, and use our tips in practical ways. – remember that we’re lash techs ourselves, so if you’re struggling with something, the likelihood is that we have, at some point, struggled with that too. So, never skip the London Lash blog section, this free service is always here for your benefit.