Are You Interested in Henna Brows or Eyelash Extensions?

The ever expanding world of eyelash extensions and henna eyebrows is the perfect opportunity for Beauty Technicians to expand their clientele. No matter if you’re a Lash Artist or a Brow Tech, it’s never too late to further educate yourself in a new beauty treatment. If you offer lash extensions in your salon, why not research into the world of henna brows? If you’re a Brow Technician, then eyelash extensions may be the little exciting boost you crave. We have compiled three stunning eyelash sets which compliment the beauty of henna brows so you can see how easy it is to glam up your client’s overall look with two simple treatments. Not only will you gain a bigger client base, but your career will blossom into a whole new world of opportunities.

Complimentary Looks

Look One -  Let's talk about Dolly Style lash extensions. Imagine those wide-eyed, innocent doll eyes - that's the look we're aiming for. Dolly Style lashes create a lovely rounded effect, which makes the client’s eyes pop and appear larger. They're beautiful for anyone wanting to draw attention to the centre of their eyes. And guess what? They suit almost every eye shape, so you’ll leave your client’s feeling fluttery and stunning. Whether you're going for a natural look or something more dramatic, Dolly Style is versatile enough to cater to any client’s desires. This is a style, if your client is unsure, but thinking of getting lash extensions, it might just be the playful, flattering touch they’ve been seeking. For a Dolly Style lash look, opt for medium to long Lash Extensions in Chelsea or Mayfair Volume lashes, placed primarily in the centre of the eye. This creates that wide-eyed, doll-like effect. Remember to blend with shorter lashes towards the corners for a seamless finish. 

Dolly Eyelash Extensions Map from London Lash

To compliment the Dolly lash set, we suggest going for high-arched henna brows. A sharper brow structure will perfectly compliment the softness of the Dolly set, whilst emphasising that open-eye look. Keeping sharp angles in the brows is the perfect combo for a softer lash look. If your client doesn’t have a natural arch, you can use the So Henna Brow Wax to remove some of the excess hair from the arch area. Remember to always keep things natural! You don’t want your clients to look permanently surprised.

So Henna High Arch Henna Eyebrows

Look Two -  The Cat-Eye Style is one of the most sought after, and you will have clients coming to you referencing this lash set day in, day out. What we have found is that the Cat-Eye doesn’t suit every single client, so make sure you examine your client’s eyes, their shape and proportions before you agree to this look.Cat-Eye lashes, with their flair towards the outer edges, suit individuals with close-set eyes as they create an illusion of width, elongating the eyes. This style also complements almond and mono-lid eye shapes, adding a sultry, lifted look to the outer corners. Perfect for those seeking a bit of drama and allure. Typically, B or C Curl lash extensions are advised for the Cat-Eye style, but don't be afraid to add more flare by using the sharp M or L Curl lash extensions which will further lift the eyes in the outer corners.

Cat Eye Lash Map from London Lash

With the sultry Cat-Eye lash set, our favourite henna brow shape is a softer, straighter look. With a cat-eye lash map being a more dramatic style, we believe it’s best for the brows to be a little more on the subtle side. You can use any colour of our So Henna Powder to fill in the arch if you’re trying to achieve the straight look - just make sure your brow henna is perfectly mixed using a Mixer Tool to achieve the stain on the skin as well as the brow hair.

Straight Henna Brows Map from So Henna

Look Three -  Squirrel Style. While this lash style suits close-set eyes and round eyes, it is more universally elongating and eye-opening for most clients. When someone asks for a Cat-Eye but their eyes will not suit it, Squirrel comes to the rescue. It is just as lifting and dramatic and more often than not, clients will not be able to tell the difference. Squirrel Style’s longest lengths are in the middle to outer corner of the eye which give it the lifting effect. The only people who may not suit Squirrel Style would be clients with wide-set eyes.

Squirrel Eyelash Extensions Map from London Lash

With a Squirrel Style being somewhat in the middle of natural and glamorous, you could go either way with your henna brow look! It’s always a good idea to consider the shape of your client’s face in this decision as well. The shape we would recommend is a soft-arched brow, to keep in with the softness whilst uplifting the eyes and face - it’s the perfect combo!

Curved Henna Brows Eyebrow Map by So Henna


As a Lash Tech who is seeking to perform henna eyebrows you will find a lot of interchangeable tools and products in your eyelash extension kit. Our perfectly formulated Foam Cleanser doubles as a Lash Shampoo and a Brow Shampoo too. Cleaning the hairs with a Cleansing Brush is important to get rid of any dirt, oils and makeup residue for the perfect application on both lashes and eyebrows. With the tea tree extract present you will promote healthy brow and lash hairs and avoid any infections. For a more thorough clean of the brows use a Mascara Wand which will exfoliate the brow area too.

Foam Cleanser on Eyebrows for Brow Henna Pretreatment

If you’re looking to expand your kits, remember we carry a So Henna Brow Kit and beginner Lash Extensions Kits which are curated for Techs who want to expand their arsenal of products with one quick purchase. Don’t be afraid to practise, make mistakes and learn along the way, after all you’re diving into a new world of techniques and treatments.


So there you have it, three beautiful lash extensions styles which perfectly suit the magic of So Henna eyebrows. Go out there and find the perfect Eyelash Extension course or Henna Brows course and find a whole new world of beauty. Create your own personalised eyelash extension kit or the best henna brow kit using our bespoke London Lash and So Henna products which you can find on our website. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into the world of new treatments, our blog posts will guide and educate you through lash extension or henna for brow treatments with exceptional detail and immaculate products for the best results you clients will love.