A Guide to One of the Most Requested Lash Sets

Hybrid Lashes are a timeless classic and are a favourite of lash techs and clients alike for good reason – they’re very versatile! They can vary between being the lightest, most natural lash sets and textured Mega Volume lashes, as a hybrid set doesn’t have to be an even 50/50 split. For lighter sets, you can go for 75% Classic and 25% Volume to fill in any gaps, or for a more dense lash look, you can do 75% Volume and cover the remaining 25% of lashes with Classics to add some extra texture. Let’s get into some of the different types of hybrid lashes that you can create so that you can wow each and every client.

If you need a little bit of guidance on which lashes to pair for hybrid lash sets, check out this blog post!

Natural Hybrid Lashes

Just because hybrid lashes are a mixture of Classic lashes and Volume fans doesn’t mean they have to look like volume lashes. If your client would like a set of very natural lashes and would typically opt for Classics, it can be a very good idea to recommend light hybrid lashes if they have any gaps in their natural eyelashes. For these clients, it’s likely that you’d be using 0.12 at most, if not 0.10. To fill in any gaps between your classic lashes, use some 2D fans with 0.10 lashes. 

For an extra soft natural look, try some Black Brown Lashes.

Black Brown Hybrid Lash Extension Set

Angel Lashes

Angel Lashes are a new trend taking the industry by storm. They’re a pretty, lightweight version of a Wet Look lash set, which uses closed 2D fans and some Classic lashes to achieve a light wispy lash effect. For added texture, you could choose Flat Lashes to complement the closed fans, but we’d recommend 0.15 Flat Lashes to keep the look nice and light. You can read more about Angel Lashes here.

Flat Lashes Used in a Hybrid Lash Set

Standard Hybrid Lashes 

This is a straight 50/50 split between Classics and Volume eyelash extensions where you essentially alternate between a Classic lash and a Volume fan as you go through lash by lash. This is the most common type of hybrid set and tends to be what your client is thinking of when they book a classic lash set with you. 

For these, you can pick your thicknesses based on how dense or light your client would like, but the most typical pairing would be 0.15 Classics and 0.07 Volume fans in 3 or 4D to keep the look lightweight but dense.

London LAsh Hybrid Lash Set

Spiky Lashes

This is a term that can mean something different from one client to the next, but as we’re talking about hybrid lashes today, we’re thinking more about Kim K sets, where the majority of the set is neat Volume lashes with an event top line, and evenly spaced out classic lashes throughout the lash set. 

For these, we recommend placing a Classic lash on the bottom layer and on the top layer in case one falls out, so your client still has a consistent lash look until their infill. To make them stand out as spikes, pick Classic lashes that are 2 - 3 mm longer than the Volume fans in your lash map, and to maintain your client’s lash health, we recommend picking Flat Lashes for the spikes. 

Hybrid Wispy Lash Set using Flat Lashes

Hybrid Lashes Tips and Tricks

We get a lot of questions from Lash Techs about hybrid lashes – while they may seem simple enough on the surface they can be a little bit daunting when it comes to mapping or infilling them. Here are our top tips for hybrid lashes.

How to Map Hybrid Lashes

Start as you would by drawing your lash map with a Mapping Pen on the Eyepatches, marking out which lengths (and curls, if you’re mixing curls) you’ll be adding in each section. If you’re going for a nice 50/50 split between Classic lashes and Volume lashes, you can simply apply your lashes one by one, alternating between Classic lashes and Volume lashes. 

TOP TIP  - To avoid getting too many stickies using the lash-to-lash method, switch between the eyes as well. Place an extension on the left eye, then one on the right. Keep going back and forth in this way to ensure that your glue bonds and being squashed together.

Let’s say you’re just adding in some Classic spikes and the rest is Volume. Once you have your basic map down, take a different coloured lash mapping pen and draw on where you’ll be placing the classic lashes to ensure that they are placed at regular intervals and everything looks nice and tidy. 

how to map a hybrid lash set, how to do hybrid lashes

Attachment Tips for Hybrid Lashes

One easy way to speed up your hybrid lash sets is to apply your Classic lashes first, and then tape them back so that only the un-lashed natural lashes are visible, making it easier for you to isolate then apply your Volume fans. When you tape the lashes back, be sure to let the tape rest on the lashes and secure only the ends to prevent lashes being pulled out when you remove the tape at the end of treatment. 

How to Infill Hybrid Lashes

When you come to infill hybrid lash sets mapping is essential, especially if you’ve created those spikier Kim K style sets where the spikes are very uniform. Start by going through and removing any grown out lashes, complete your Pretreatment and then draw out your lash map as close to the original as possible. To help with this, keep a note of the map you used on your client’s record card. 

That’s everything. Hybrid lashes might seem a little bit tricky when you first start offering them, but you’ll come to love them in no time at all thanks to their versatility! For more inspiration where wispy lash mapping is concerned, check out this blog post!