Turning Your New Clients into Long Time Regulars

Lash Technicians are some of the hardest working beauticians out there and we understand you deal with clients on a daily basis. When a regular client comes in, it can be a refreshing and uplifting part of your day to meet a long time customer that you may even consider a friend within your work. Not only does this show care for your clients, but the client’s comfort with your quality of work and your friendly approach. Regular clients are an important part of growing your business and it can make some work days feel much more productive and enjoyable.

Offer Follow Up Appointments

When taking on a first time customer and going through a consultation with them, it is important to note that eyelash extensions require maintenance. Sometimes you will feel a certain restraint from clients who simply want a pair of lash extensions for a vacation or a certain occasion and it is not necessary to push them, but offering follow up appointments to all of your clients lets them know your services and what they can expect with longevity of lash extensions.

London Lash Eyelash Artist Consultation for Lash Extensions

Offering clients infill appointments is the perfect way to make a client into a regular customer. If they are looking for a lash set that lasts a long time, then you can book a follow up appointment with them during their first appointment. We advise lash infills every 3 - 4 weeks, this gives your client enough time to get a great wear out of their initial eyelash set and return just in time for a touch up before it’s too late and their extensions begin to fall out fully. You can assess the state of the client’s lashes during the infill session and simply use Premade Fans to fill in any gaps, or Easy Fanning Lashes for a look with some texture should the client desire it within the time allotted. Remember, infill sessions tend to be shorter than a full lash extension set, so use your time wisely, as you are charging less money, make sure your client’s expectations are reasonable within an infill appointment.

Offer a Lash Makeover

For those clients who wish to return and try something completely different, then you can offer a makeover session which in effect is as long as a regular session. Here your client can tell you what they liked or disliked about their previous lash set and perhaps would like something totally different. With this session you can take your time, make your client feel comfortable and perform a perfect treatment for a new and beautiful set of lash extensions. Read our blog on new lash styles trending right now for some inspiration here.

Offer a Removal Service

Some clients may want a lash extension break, or simply, their lash extensions are falling off naturally but they have no time for an infill or full set treatment. Offering a removal of their eyelash extensions and lash glue is a perfect way to get repeat customers and continue building a report with them. During this session you could politely engage in conversation about any future treatments the client may be interested in when they have more time and potentially book an appointment with them. Removing lash extensions can be as relaxing for a client as a full treatment is too. We always recommend using our London Lash Glue Cream Remover or Gel Remover to remove lash extensions. For perfect product control and quick and easy removal use our products in conjunction with your London Lash Glue and Lash Extensions.

London Lash Eyelash Extensions Removal Service using Glue Cream Remover, Eyepatches and Tweezers

Create a Calm and Friendly Experience

When regular clients revisit a beauty salon, it’s usually because they feel relaxed and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Of course, they would enjoy your quality of work too, but you could be the best Lash Artist in the world and if your attitude towards clients isn’t approachable, they will not return, so balance between quality of work and approach is always important.

Consider being honest and open during consultations. Make sure you explain everything to your client from the importance of patch testing to which lashes will suit their eye shape. Many clients are unaware of the different lash extension maps out there, so feel free to show them some of the London Lash Maps which you can download for free here. Your clients will be impressed and guide you to what they are looking for.

Make sure you make your clients feel comfortable, offer them a glass of water, tea or coffee. After all, a full treatment can take several hours. A nice relaxing salon will make your clients want to return. So for those returning regulars you could offer a special Loyalty Scheme, for example; ‘Book 9 treatments get 1 infill for free’. Or for clients who come all the time, offer a free bottle of Lash Shampoo for their lash extension aftercare on their 10th visit.

London Lash Eyelash Technician Lash Extensions Procedure

Doing little things to make your clients feel valued and excited to return will transform that one time visitor into a client regular, build your relationships and friendships with your clients by taking care of them, and in return, they will care for your business.