Trend Alert - Manga Lashes

The world of lash extension styles is always evolving and the trends keep coming. The Manga Lashes style is the newcomer on the block and is taking centre stage with a very huge impact. Cosplayers will be familiar not only with manga itself but also the false lashes which create wispy manga lash effect. Well, the time has come for something more semi-permanent. Manga is a cartoon comic book style which originated in Japan, with characters having very exaggerated and over the top eyes (and eyelashes). So how do you achieve this look?Manga Lashes Map from London Lash

What Are Manga Lashes?

This style achieves an eye opening effect, literally. Just like the style Dolly, which creates a very doll-like eye opening look, Manga Lashes achieve a similar effect, except it takes inspiration from cartoon characters instead of dolls. These spiky and wispy lashes open up the eyes and frame the face perfectly, creating an overly exaggerated look perfect for any client looking for bold drama and a big impact. While this may seem like a look which isn’t for the faint of heart, a Manga Lash style can be created with any length of lashes to achieve a subtle look, or an entirely exaggerated style.

How To Create A Manga Lash Set

Let's dive into a fun way to map out those Manga eyelashes for an attention-grabbing look. Think of it as crafting a masterpiece in three layers. Before you start, to achieve this look you will need closed fans (or spikes). To do this, apply some Primer on the lash strip which will in turn keep multiple lashes together when you take them off the strip instead of fanning them out. Dip in the lash glue, and you have yourself a spike.

🌸Top Layer: This is where the magic happens. Imagine the longer, dramatic spikes. Start by creating a chunky central spike, like the peak of a cute pyramid, and surround it with smaller ones. These spikes should be more visible and will make those eyes pop. Do remember to give them a little space – they're not the same as our usual wispy sets. For this star layer, use Mayfair or Chelsea 0.05 closed fans or individual spikes, ranging from 10mm (starting at the inner corner) and moving up to 14mm at the centre. From there, taper back down to 10mm as you approach the outer corner.

🍁Middle Layer: This is the supportive friend layer. Use 0.05 closed fans ranging from 8mm to 12mm. The placement here mirrors the top layer, giving those stunning spikes the backup they need. The shorter lengths will create depth and contrast.

🌼Bottom Layer: Here, we're going for softness to add even more contrast. Create 0.05 short wispy fans, ranging from 6mm to 10mm. These delicate lashes provide a feathery foundation, creating the perfect balance for our Manga look.

Any empty space, make sure you fill with individual Classic lashes to add density and a fullness to this character driven lash look. Finish off the lash set with Superbonder to seal any Lash Glue bonds and fumes at the end of the treatment. And remember, always spend a good 10 minutes checking for stickies.

Eyelash Extensions Map from London Lash on Manga Lashes

Who Are Manga Lashes For?

Manga Lashes are not just for manga loving cosplayers or cartoon enthusiasts. This lash style is perfect for the everyday lash loving client who wants a new style, drama and a framing of their eyes. You can go as bold or as subtle with these lash spikes, depending on the desired effect, the lengths of lashes used can be changed. Simply start with the longest lashes for the Top Layer and work your way down accordingly. Manga Lashes will add the desired drama and a fluttery finish to the eyelash look, it creates a bold and eye-opening look for anyone who is seeking a bit of a bold change from their Volume lashes. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of Coloured Lash Extensions as spikes in the outer corners of the set for an added personalised touch should the client want something even more bold and dramatic.

Manga Lashes Set on Model