The Best Equipment For Lash Salons to Capture Media

Every Lash Technician needs perfect lighting. Whether that’s for performing a thorough Pretreatment routine, or getting close to the fine details of placing lash extensions. Lighting is important and a necessity for any beauty salon. But, lighting also doubles up as the ideal means of capturing media content for social media, in the age of promoting online, every Lash Artist is now becoming their own PR and social media manager too. Having the correct set up for capturing content goes beyond lighting alone, so we have compiled a list of must have items which will go a long way to create the most aesthetically pleasing and scroll stopping content, worthy of a double tap.

The Brand New Glamcor Horizon Beauty Lamp

You’ve most definitely heard of Glamcor beauty lighting, some of you may even have one from our fantastic wide range. Glamcor is an innovator in salon lighting and every Lash Tech who uses these compact, portable and lightweight LED lights swears by them. We’re so excited to introduce the brand new Glamcor Horizon

Glamcor Horizon Beauty Lighting

The future for lash artistry is finally across the horizon when it comes to innovation, style and aesthetics. The new Horizon beauty lamp features a 180 degree curved LED arm, which is not only brilliant for lighting up your client’s eyelashes during a treatment, but it will make the final results of their stunning fluffy or wispy lashes glow when it comes to capturing content. With its universal phone clip and remote control, getting the perfect photo or video clip has never been easier. And just like the rest of the Glamcor range, the Horizon light comes with adjustable colour temperature and dimming capabilities which means you can take a perfectly lit shot no matter what the time of day or surrounding lighting.

Introducing the New LED Light

You may be searching for something new, compact and practical when it comes to your equipment for capturing content. Introducing our brand new LED Light perfect for big or small workspaces or even mobile Lash Artists on the go. This lightweight and useful LED Light is the solution for any Tech ready to capture the clearest image or video of their new lash set.

The LED Light has multiple lighting options and brightness settings to help you get the perfect shot each and every time. No more strobing thanks to the built-in professional LED driver chip, there will be no ripples while shooting, keeping your videos crisp and high quality.

Feeling creative? This clip on LED light has RGB functionality, meaning you can change up the colour of your photos and videos and add cinematic lighting effects to your videos.

London Lash LED Light GIF

Clip On Lens

The London Lash Clip On Macro Lens is the accessory every phone camera deserves. Don’t want to pay a fortune for professional camera equipment? No problem. Turn your phone camera into a state of the art photo capturing lens by simply clipping on the universal lens which will turn any photo from drab to dreamy. Available in Gold and Rose Gold, this must-have phone camera companion is ready to snap and shoot crystal clear content and it’s as easy as this: 


So now that your media equipment game is on point, you may be looking at your salon surroundings with scepticism. After all, capturing the perfect shot isn’t just about the clarity of the photo or video, clients will be drawn to aesthetically pleasing surroundings and chic salon set ups. Not only is this stunning on your social media feed, but it’s also welcoming to your potential and of course, regular clients.

Why wait until the new year to rejuvenate your salon decor? The upcoming Black Friday sales are the perfect time to purchase something you’ve always wanted to make your workspace more welcoming, cosy and chic. With our perfectly matching Lash Bed Cover and Memory Foam Neck Pillow you will create the ideal cohesion your workspace may need. Are you looking to accessorise your space with gold accents? Grab our beige cover. If you’re more into sleek white surroundings, contrast your lash bed with our black option. Capturing content on professionally designed covers not only shows very stylish surroundings, but it will impress your potential clients with the pride you take in the appearance of your salon along with the appearance of your hard work. 

London Lash Beige Bed Cover and Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Fill any background of a video or image with your perfectly organised tools and products, trust us, clients love the small details. Depending on the layout of your lash bed, the background is just as important as the forefront. A nicely organised workstation in the back on a trolley or work table will look sleek and stylish. Enter our fantastic Acrylic Storage Organiser, the best in the game. Not only is it compact and will fit almost every workstation, but it looks so beautiful and organised in any background of your content, you may have even seen it in our posts on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU. So why not check us out on social media and take some inspiration for your perfectly designed workspace. 

After all, no matter where you’ve started or what experience you may have, we are always here to help our clients and bring forward incredible equipment for Lash Technicians to elevate their skills and presence. To get inspired on growing your lash business on Instagram, read through our blog here. Whether you’re capturing content for your social media or business website, it’s always worth investing in professional, high quality equipment, and as a little tip for all lash lovers out there, make sure you look out for the London Lash Black Friday sales to grab the best quality at a discounted price.